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Bananaboo Issue Date: 09-25-2005

Cool Spots imageFor a rootin' tootin' good time, visit Hoot and Toot at www.bananaboo.com. See what makes Hoot and Toot such a dynamic duo in Stunt Buddies, where they star in the videos "Popsicle" and "Monster Soup." In Puzzles, check out Barn Yard, an interactive puzzle, or complete word searches and practice puzzles. For more fruity tooty fun, go to Coloring, where pages are available to print and color offline. Find out why the student ate his homework in Jokes. Before you peel yourself away from this site, be sure to witness the original bananaboo dance.

Visit: www.bananaboo.com
User Rating: 3.3146067443818stars
356 users rated this site
A Day With Daniel Cook Issue Date: 04-03-2005

Cool Spots imageAre you ready to have some fun? Daniel Cook sure is. At www.thisisdanielcook.com, join Daniel Cook in his virtual playroom where nothing is off-limits. You can play with toys, go on adventures and even make your own creations. Daniel Cook needs some help deciding on a look before saying cheese. Click on the camera to mix and match new hairstyles and facial expressions for him. If you're ready to make some noise, the trumpet takes you to the symphony to create your own music. Your adventures won't be complete without a trip to the beach to build sandcastles or to the art studio to paint. With Daniel Cook, the fun never ends!

Visit: www.thisisdanielcook.com
User Rating: 2.994246262141stars
869 users rated this site
Stories Flow Like Brooks Issue Date: 05-09-2004

Cool Spots imageVisit FableVision Place at www.fable
, a magical land where stories flow like brooks. Cross the book-shaped bridge and head to the Museum and Creativity Center where you can play with a movable collage with funky shapes and fluttering pieces. Visit Fable TV to watch funny movie clips with kids fishing for stars and cosmic lobsters. Search for the treasure fruit in Captain Bart's Golden Pineapple Quest in the Arcade. And at the Library, just download books to your computer.

Visit: www.fablevision.com/place
User Rating: 3.059160299237stars
524 users rated this site
UK-raziness Issue Date: 05-02-2004

Cool Spots imageDo you know what kids in the United Kingdom are into? To find out, shout, "Show Me!" at www.show.me.uk, and see crazy, fun kid stuff from museums and galleries in the United Kingdom. From the natural world to art and design, pictures and stories broaden your world. In Show and Tell, you'll find written and artistic works by kids. The Fish Olympics and Acne Attack are just two games found in Games and Fun. An interactive map allows you to explore the United Kingdom and learn about more places to visit.

Visit: www.show.me.uk
User Rating: 2.9556171983349stars
721 users rated this site
It's My Life Issue Date: 06-01-2003

Cool Spots imageEver feel like people just don't understand you? It's My Life, at http://pbskids.org/itsmylife, lets you explore your feelings about your school, your friends and yourself. Get some advice on confessing your crush to the class cutie in Friends. In Family, learn how your birth order might affect your personality. Print out some sample journal pages in School to record your innermost thoughts about classes you can't stand or about embarrassing moments. This site has loads of advice on important everyday life stuff.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/itsmylife
User Rating: 2.8260869619559stars
460 users rated this site

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