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Super City Issue Date: 06-17-2007

Cool Spots imageBring out your inner architect as you build your own city at City Creator, www.citycreator.com. Choose from three different types of cities: Snoland, where all the buildings are covered in a beautiful blanket of white frost; Medieville, for a blast from the past; Blankton, a futuristic metropolis complete with spaceships. Once you have picked the building, vehicle or person that interests you, drag, drop and arrange it to your liking. If you make a mistake, simply put the item in the dump truck to make room for new improvements. Save your city and send it to yourself or share it with your friends.

Visit: www.citycreator.com
User Rating: 2.8288100208763stars
479 users rated this site
Color It Up Issue Date: 05-13-2007

Cool Spots imagePay a colorful visit to Punky Doodle's Coloring Club & Fun House at www.pdoodle.com. Meet the real feline inspiration for Punky Doodle's site when you click on About Punky Doodle. You will find cool pictures of Punky and learn about her catty personality. Ready for a frisky good time? Then enter the Fun House for games, puzzles and more. If you are feeling creative, Punky has cool coloring pages to keep you entertained all day long. Before you move on to other things, climb up to Punky's Clubhouse, take Punky's Pledge, and print out your new membership certificate.

Visit: www.pdoodle.com
User Rating: 2.755443886097stars
597 users rated this site
Digital Block Builder Issue Date: 03-25-2007

Cool Spots imageBuild and control your own virtual block world at www.blockcorner.com. Using simple programming commands, you can create, color and move blocks to build structures. You can even create your own commands, called functions, to help get the job done. Sometimes construction requires a crew. You can use the e-mail command to recruit a friend to help you build. Having trouble getting started? Check out the Official Blockcorner Quickstart Guide for help on using commands and writing functions. Soon you'll be programming blocks like a pro!

Visit: www.blockcorner.com
User Rating: 3.4492307692303stars
650 users rated this site
Paper Galore Issue Date: 02-18-2007

Cool Spots imageExperts in the No. 1 papermaking state want to share the wonders of their craft with you. Check out Paper in Wisconsin at www.wipapercouncil.org/fun&learning.htm. There are many job opportunities in the paper industry that you may not know about. In fact, it's the 10th largest manufacturing industry in the United States. Careers in Paper fills you in on jobs like forestry. Foresters protect the trees that make paper. Try making your own paper at home by following 9 steps in Make Paper! Games & Puzzles will keep you busy with paper projects. Add some flair to your work in the Coloring Corner.

Visit: www.wipapercouncil.org/fun&learning.htm
User Rating: 3.602549246813stars
863 users rated this site
The Science of Fun Issue Date: 12-10-2006

Cool Spots imageYou can construct fun toys that push the limits of scientific theories at www.
. Depending on how much time you have to spare, choose between quick-and-easy or advanced creations. All toys are made from household items, so few special materials are necessary. From a simple snake charmer's flute to real engine-powered putt-putt boats, there is a toy to interest every girl and boy. Select the More About links to learn more details and some history on each project you choose. These tried and tested toys will supply you with hours of excitement.

Visit: www.sciencetoymaker.org
User Rating: 3.134727061556stars
861 users rated this site

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