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Creepin' Up on You Issue Date: 12-28-2008

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Creepers and Climbers, www.kew.org/climbersandcreepers/home.html where you will get to meet some new friends, such as Flora the Flower, Slowboy the Snail and others. Browse through Stories and click on the creepy-crawlers that interest you the most, then follow the links to read up on their adventures. If you are feeling creative, take out your markers and crayons, print out coloring pages and get to work. See how plants grow in Games before you go and take in the local nature that surrounds you.

Visit: www.kew.org/climbersandcreepers/home.html
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Shape It Yourself Issue Date: 11-23-2008

Cool Spots imageJourney to Panwapa, where kids just like you shape this virtual world at www.panwapa.com. Find the bright yellow star cursor and mouse around on the animals to make some new friends and try cool Panwapa activities. Click on the globe and build your own house anywhere in the Panwapa world. For more fun and games, click on Coco's home for a great round of hide and seek. To find some visual entertainment, choose the movie projector or the television and relax for a little while. Try changing the language setting for a different experience. This is one world you will want to visit again.

Visit: www.panwapa.com
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Creativity City Issue Date: 04-27-2008

Cool Spots imageTake a trip to My Imaginary City at www.tate.org.uk/
, and become the best city planner you can be. Put your imagination to the test when you mold your metropolis. Choose your building space, from icy lands to grassy plains, and begin your project. Add roads, train tracks and bridges to help with transportation, and then add color and flair with signs. Find dwellings that will house your town’s people, from skyscrapers to cottages, in Buildings. Lastly, decide on what types of transportation your town will offer, from the simple car to the hot air balloon.

Visit: www.tate.org.uk/kids/city
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Celebrating Childhood Issue Date: 03-09-2008

Cool Spots imageYou will love being a kid when you visit V & A Museum of Childhood, www.museumof childhood.org.uk/learning/things-to-do, and find out how many cool projects there are for young people just like you! Stay on the computer for Things To Do Online where you can build toys, put together puzzles or send cool e-cards to your friends. If it is too rainy to play outside, scroll through Things To Make At Home and learn how to create paper dolls, toy theaters and silhouette pictures. If you have some ideas of your own, send them in and share your projects with others who are interested in the same activities as you.

Visit: www.museumofchildhood.org.uk/learning/things-to-do
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Love Is in the Air Issue Date: 02-10-2008

Cool Spots imageSoak in the happy vibes and relish the feelings of love that Valentine's Day brings when you visit http://pbskids.org/vday. Make a cootie catcher for a few laughs and have some lovely fun with your friends. Are all those chocolates and cookies making you hungry? Well, make some artistic treats when you zoom in for painted cookies. Mr. Rogers invites you to read through some special stories celebrating friendship like "Who Gets the Flowers" and "Speedy Delivery." Before the day is over, send Valentine e-cards and let friends know you care.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/vday
User Rating: 3.1268292682923stars
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