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Big Yak Attack Issue Date: 11-08-1998

Cool Spots imageThe wildest shaggy-haired ox on the Internet awaits your presence at Yak's Corner, the coolest magazine for kids. Trot over to www.nieonline.
where jokes, crafts, contests and art are all the rage. You'll find far-out interactive fun and games like Yak-a-doodle and Yak Puzzles. Meet amazing animals from around the world, including monarch butterflies and scary monkeys. Plus, the Yak is always on the road, taking you to places as fascinating as Japan's Tokyo Sealife Park and New York's Broadway theater district. Looking for news you can use? Yak's Corner covers everything from allowances to kid movie stars. Yak's Corner is the place where kids can come to make crafts, read jokes and write stories. Get ready for a Big Yak Attack!

Visit: www.nieonline.com/detroit
User Rating: 2.8305039822283stars
377 users rated this site
The Scream Machine Issue Date: 10-25-1998

Cool Spots imageYou must be at least as tall as your computer monitor to take a ride on: http://search.eb.com/coasters. Buckle yourself in for a total rush in history and learn about the birth of the roller coaster! Inventing the Scream Machine speeds you back to the first thrill rides down icy mountainsides, then whips you through the centuries. Lots of cool illustrations and animated physics tell the tale of how a little gravity and a cart make for fun all over the globe. Hang on...

Visit: http://search.eb.com/coasters
User Rating: 3.0796460179945stars
678 users rated this site
The ABCs of Fun Issue Date: 10-18-1998

Cool Spots imageFun is the operative word at Fun School, where school lessons go hand in hand with games, activities and plain old horsing around. Jump on the next yellow bus and head out to www.funschool.com .The site features way-cool interactive activities, such as concentration games, jigsaw puzzles and history comics. Join your classmates in the search for a T-Rex at the Dinosaur Dig, or dive for treasures and marine life at The Reef of Lost Worlds. Do you know the capital city for each state in the U.S.? Find out at the Capital Fieldtrip. If going green is in your future, you'll love the offerings at Protect Our Environment. From Haunted Numbers to Paint Brush Math to Animal Homes, Fun School is undoubtedly the learning arcade on the Web. And to give your brain a rest after class, there's even a fireworks show. Who needs recess when you have Fun School? (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.funschool.com
User Rating: 2.9289361872337stars
470 users rated this site
Puzzlemaker Issue Date: 08-09-1998

Cool Spots imageSo you've mastered all of the letter tiles, crossword puzzles and word searches, and now you're ready to create your own. Then it's time to head out to Puzzlemaker, the Web site that lets you produce puzzles with the latest in Web sophistication. Find your way through the maze and head toward http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com. Choose from a variety of computer-generated games, including number blocks, math squares and word searches with a hidden message. If you're looking for a puzzle with flair, you can solve a maze from the beautiful hand drawings of the artist named Tesseract. Puzzlemaker is a fun site that you can't pass up.

Visit: http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com
User Rating: 3.1941415848486stars
495 users rated this site
Who Dunnit? Issue Date: 06-28-1998

Cool Spots imageGet out your magnifying glass and a pointy Sherlock Holmes hat, because it's time to solve some mysteries. Of course, it doesn't take a trained detective to find this mysterious site. Just jot this down on your list of clues: http://kids.mysterynet.com. If you get a thrill from things that go bump in the night, you're sure to find something mysteriously fun about this site every week: new scary stories, mini-mysteries, magic tricks and writing contests. Just log on once and you'll have all the evidence you need. Are you on the case? (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://kids.mysterynet.com
User Rating: 3.2246376811595stars
276 users rated this site

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