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It's Magic Issue Date: 12-11-2011

Cool Spots imageKerpoof, www.kerpoof.com, is all about having a blast while discovering new ways to express yourself. Budding artists can flex their creativity with projects such as Make a Picture and Spell a Picture. Just choose a background and begin. You can even make your own movie and vote on works your peers have posted. Now pick a theme such as Fantasy, Aliens, Inventors or Winter Tales and use it to Tell a Story. Just type in your text and add pictures and color, and you have created an original work of art you can show off.

Visit: www.kerpoof.com
User Rating: 3.0354729729723stars
1184 users rated this site
Old School, but Super Cool Issue Date: 08-14-2011

Cool Spots imageDo you know Mister Rogers? Surely many of your parents will remember him from their childhoods. Take a safe and happy trip to PBS Kidsí Mister Rogersí Neighborhood, http://pbskids.org/rogers. Begin your journey at Mister Rogers' house, where you can mouse around to find stories and games. Take the trolley to begin your magical journey into a make-believe fantasy world sure to charm young and old alike. See kings and queens, dressed-up cats and wise old owls. The good times never end, so enjoy this world of pretend.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/rogers
User Rating: 2.9628924833494stars
1051 users rated this site
A New Adventure Issue Date: 10-24-2010

Cool Spots imageIf chilly weather has you stuck inside and bored, bounce on over to Kid Zone, www.museums.
, for great games and adventures that will keep you busy. Don't let the spooky music scare you off! Enter the tree house, where remarkable games and tantalizing tales wait to be discovered. Mouse over the interior to see all the great offerings and click on one to begin. You can collect clues to add to the clue box and listen to great clubhouse stories. Iggy and Wendy will have you feeling like one of the gang in no time!

Visit: www.museums.ualberta.ca/kidzone/index_e.html
User Rating: 3.0284444444442stars
1125 users rated this site
It'll Blow Your Mind Issue Date: 12-27-2009

Cool Spots imageAll the puzzle lovers in the world must check out Erich's Puzzle Palace, www2.stetson.edu/~efriedma/puzzle.html. No matter what skills you are trying to sharpen, whether itís number games or word plays, this site has something to solve in every category imaginable. If you are new to puzzles but feel their pull, click on Easy to get started. Those looking for a mega challenge should visit Hard for chess games and confounding mazes. Get ready to ponder for a while. Work the puzzles yourself before viewing its Solution.

Visit: www2.stetson.edu/~efriedma/puzzle.html
User Rating: 3.1370192307704stars
832 users rated this site
Underground Treasures Issue Date: 04-19-2009

Cool Spots imageBreak out your shovel and uncover what lies beneath the surface in The Smithsonian Institution's Digging for Answers, www.smithsonianeducation
. Get a good look at the treasures hidden under the earth and choose one you want to learn more about. Click on the Statue of Liberty and explore some of girl power's biggest names. If you are in the mood for food, pick the pig and see what tasty tidbits await. Regardless of what you unearth, this site is sure to have you digging through other Web sites to reveal the answers you seek.

Visit: www.smithsonianeducation.org/idealabs/digging_for_answers
User Rating: 3.1467181467181stars
259 users rated this site

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