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Futuristic Fun Issue Date: 05-20-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Science Museum of London presents Futurecade, sciencemuseum.
, challenging games that let you test developing technologies. Discover science of the future to see how these innovations might be useful to humans. Keep the harbor safe with Robo-Lobsters, designed to destroy mines in the sea. Protect satellites from floating debris with Space Junker, which rids the atmosphere of old rocket parts and broken satellites. Alter Earth's cloud cover and climate in Cloud Control. Are geo-engineering efforts worthwhile? Read about it and decide.

Visit: sciencemuseum.org.uk/futurecade
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Getting Smarter Issue Date: 12-26-2010

Cool Spots imageThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, http://pbskids.org/catinthehat, is full of great games and videos that will keep youngsters occupied for hours. Dr. Seussí mesmerizing rhymes have held many generations captive. Now his unforgettable characters are ready to share some special fun with you! Now You See Me, Now You Don't will have you searching high and low for animals that use camouflage to hide. Click on your Snap-O-Rama camera to play matching games or put together fun puzzles. Then watch videos and laugh the day away.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/catinthehat
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Test Your Skills Issue Date: 10-31-2010

Cool Spots imageGather up your friends and family for the Getty Museumís games site, www.getty.edu/getty
. Game night has a new artistic twist with these brain-busters. Think you have sleuthing skills? Try out Detail Detective to discover if you can solve the case. Now try Switch to see if you can spot what is different in the pictures. If memorizing is your strong suit, donít miss Match Madness, where you will play card games and make important connections. No matter what kind of fun tickles your fancy, Getty Games can guarantee a good time for all.

Visit: www.getty.edu/gettygames
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Time Will Tell Issue Date: 06-01-2008

Cool Spots imageIf you are ready for a good time full of creative fun and games, visit Exploring 20th Century London at www.museumoflondon.org.uk/English/
. All Dressed Up lets you pick out era-appropriate costumes for cute characters. Discover objects from years past when you play 20th Century Alien Detectives. But watch out for the booby trap! If you can handle more fun, try The Big Match, a matching game where you must decide which objects go together and how they are linked!

Visit: www.museumoflondon.org.uk/English/Collections/OnlineResources/X20L/Games
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ARKive and Jive Issue Date: 03-16-2008

Cool Spots imageGet down for a groovin' good time when you scroll through the many cool games at ARKive Education, www.arkive.org/
. Save a spider from a very tangled web in Tripwire of Terror. In Copse and Robbers you will have to try out your detective skills as you comb through a confusing crime scene. If you are feeling wonderfully wordy, put your verse to the test in Magnetic Fridge Poetry where you can artfully create radical rhymes. With so many different games, this fun site has something for every kid to enjoy.

Visit: www.arkive.org/education/games
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