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Conquer the King Issue Date: 07-14-2013

Cool Spots imageDid you know that the game of chess is nearly 2,000 years old? ChessKid, chesskid.com, will teach you how to play chess in a surprisingly short time. Learn Chess the FUN Way by watching a short video called The Magic of Chess. Now that you know the rules and are ready to start playing, remember: It takes practice to improve. See how well you play when you visit Puzzles in Learn. If you arenít sure what to do, the Solution is just a click away. Videos can be a great way to see how others play to win. Choose a topic or check out the Video Series guide to learn from the experts.

Visit: chesskid.com
User Rating: 3.0445103857569stars
674 users rated this site
Get Brainy Issue Date: 05-26-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you like games and learning, Smarty Games, smartygames.com, is the place to go! Exercise your brain as you put the numbers in the right place in Sudoku. Help Caroline navigate the garden and collect ladybugs in the correct order in Counting. Did You Know that itís impossible to lick your elbow? Learn other fun facts as you explore the site. Try to guess whoís New at School when you play the Memory Game. Ready for a challenge? Help Michael save the princess using your Math skills, then help a Robot find his spaceship in Mazes.

Visit: smartygames.com
User Rating: 3.0085836909873stars
699 users rated this site
Museum Fun Issue Date: 05-19-2013

Cool Spots imageThe National Museums Liverpool kidsí website, liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/kids, has a wonderful collection of games and activities. Can you Escape From the Mummyís Tomb in Games and Quizzes? Collect objects and bring them back safely before the mummy catches you! Then explore the Ancient Eqypt Gallery. Cargo A-Go-Go is a ship-loading challenge. Load cargo correctly to earn money before you set sail. Now move on to Make and Colour to design your own Adinkra cloth. Meet Rex the dinosaur in Videos, then visit the display of record-breaking animals in Did You Know.

Visit: liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/kids
User Rating: 2.9116719242904stars
634 users rated this site
Brain Benders Issue Date: 05-05-2013

Cool Spots imageUse your brain for fun and games at Zoopz.com. Build a maze to help Mr. Oscar Arlington reach his target in Maze Craze. Are you ready for a space adventure? Take a Galactic Journey to find the asteroids on your mission as Magnetron Operator. This mission is timed, so think fast! Try to get to Level 20 in Frog Jumpin, where discovering patterns is the key. Help Inch reach home in Worm 2, a challenging game that requires you to use your problem-solving skills to succeed. Youíll have to avoid the traps to win. Itís harder than it looks!

Visit: Zoopz.com
User Rating: 3.3054298642534stars
442 users rated this site
PBS Treats Issue Date: 10-28-2012

Cool Spots imageCelebrate this haunted holiday with spooktacular activities at PBS Kids Happy Halloween, pbskids.org/halloween. Write a scary tale at Dotís Story Factory. If she likes your work, she will feature it in the Showroom! Crank It Up with Arthur and record an original soundtrack to share. Now design and print your own Halloween cards with the Maya and Miguel Card Creator, personalizing a different card for each of your friends. Are you ready for games in Cyberchase, or will you go Home and try Motherboard Recommends for challenging missions and quests?

Visit: pbskids.org/halloween
User Rating: 3.1758620689654stars
290 users rated this site

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