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Explore the World Issue Date: 01-04-2015

Cool Spots imageClever Crazes for Kids, tinyurl.com/lrk3zzf, is a virtual school where you get to explore new worlds as you learn. Choose a grade level and a world, and get started. In You and Your Money, you’ll find that running a lemonade stand is not as simple as you might have thought. Factors such as weather, the lemon crop and costs will affect your profit. Next, grab your scuba gear and head to the ocean to explore its natural wonders, then see how you do in the Biodiversity Match-Up. Tia leads you on a study of Our Home Planet. Explore the Facts and master the Learning Game.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/lrk3zzf
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Santa's Village Issue Date: 12-21-2014

Cool Spots imageVisit Santa’s Village at Claus.com, www.claus.com/village.php. Did you know there is an Elf Hall of Fame? Take a peek inside Santa’s home to see it, then check out the movies that are playing at the Elf Theater. It’s always snack time in Mrs. C’s Kitchen, where you’ll enjoy some of her favorite holiday recipes, such as Yule Log Frogs and ‘Twas the Night Before Bread Pudding. Take a look at the Toy Machine in the Toy Workshop and watch the Hulla Ballu make the toys on the list!

Visit: http://www.claus.com/village.php
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Music Games Issue Date: 11-16-2014

Cool Spots imageMusic Family Invaders, musictechteacher.com/music_quizzes/cg_quiz_invaders_music_families.htm, combines Space Invaders with music trivia questions. Click your mouse to defeat the aliens as quickly as possible, before your ship explodes or time runs out. There are only 20 questions, but if you run out of lives you may not get the chance to answer them all. How well do you know your instruments? You will be answering questions about unfamiliar instruments such as the marimba, the baritone and the euphonium. You’ll have to balance your music knowledge with your alien fighting skills in order to win this game.

Visit: http://musictechteacher.com/music_quizzes/cg_quiz_invaders_music_families.htm
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Mayflower Street Issue Date: 09-21-2014

Cool Spots imageHow Streetwise, 3m.co.uk/intl/uk/3mstreetwise/pupils-mayflower-interactive-game.htm, are you? Staying safe away from home requires you to be aware of your surroundings. Begin in the Day Time and see if you can spot the people who are demonstrating wise habits. For instance, did you know you should always use a crosswalk when you cross the street? Crossing between parked cars or away from a properly designated crosswalk can be dangerous, because cars may not see you in time to stop. See if you can spot all of the people who are making good choices on Mayflower Street during the day, then try visiting again at Night Time.

Visit: http://3m.co.uk/intl/uk/3mstreetwise/pupils-mayflower-interactive-game.htm
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Puzzles Issue Date: 09-14-2014

Cool Spots imagePuzzlemania Kids, puzzlemaniakids.com, is an online version of the popular activity books. Follow the clues to find the wacky, weird and odd items when you play What’s Wrong? in Games. If you don’t already receive the magazine at home, you can print out samples of the first 10 Puzzle Books. Do you like funny stories? Join Wyatt the Riot & Friends to create Super Story Twisters. Drag the stickers to the empty squares to create a silly story, then listen to it. Do you have a sweet tooth? Play Picture Sudoku with Cookies and whet your appetite. Try Challenge Mode in Double Check to race against the clock.

Visit: http://puzzlemaniakids.com
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