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Amazing Mazes Issue Date: 04-15-2001

Cool Spots imageWind your way through Logic Mazes at www.logicmazes.com. Challenge yourself to help Theseus get past the dangerous Minotaur. Try your luck at the sliding door, tilt and number mazes. Discover the secret to the Alice mazes, and give a throw to the rolling block mazes. Finally, take a look at some life-sized mazes that people have designed in their own backyards. You'll be amazed by the variety of challenging mazes at this site.

Visit: www.logicmazes.com
User Rating: 2.8649517604497stars
622 users rated this site
Come to the Playground Issue Date: 07-30-2000

Cool Spots imageMeet Alfy, a cool pup who knows his way around a computer. Alfy's place is like the neighborhood playground for kids in cyberspace. Skate on over to www.alfy.com and see what he's up to today. Slide into the fun with colorful crafts, clever games and silly cartoons. Alfy speaks Spanish and English, so you're sure to be friends right away. Alfy's Surprises features a daily joke and an adopt-a-pet game. And there are tons of games in the Arcade: snapping crocodiles, flying cupcakes, outer space adventures–you name it! When you've had enough adventure for the day, have some quiet time in Storyville. There are funny stories for you to read along with, and music and activities to help you get in on the action. Then explore Music Mania where you can listen to the Jukebox or Sing-A-Long. Whatever you and Alfy do together, you'll definitely have fun and get lots of practice working a computer. Go play! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.alfy.com
User Rating: 2.6428571410718stars
280 users rated this site
Learning Planet Issue Date: 04-09-2000

Cool Spots imageLike games? Whether you're into crossword puzzles or memory games, you'll love the activities at the Learning Planet. Get ready to put your noodle into high gear at www.learningplanet.com. This site is loaded with interactive goodies for all ages. The games are categorized by age-level so you can play games that are just right for you. Rocket scientists will love Spacey Math, where players have to stop an alien invasion. Put your skills in math to good use, and save the world. Or help the site's resident sleuth, Detective N. A. Shell, find the hidden words at Word Search. Other challenges at the site include Fraction Frenzy and the United States Geography Quiz. Looking for more activities? Check out what other kids think at the Planet Poll. And be sure to treat yourself to a round of Brickball, a "breakout" style game with a baseball twist. Learning Planet's fun, educational games are definitely out of this world. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.learningplanet.com
User Rating: 3.4222222202025stars
495 users rated this site
All Aboard For Kinetic City! Issue Date: 06-27-1999

Cool Spots imageThrow your lab kit into your backpack and punch a ticket to www.kineticcity.
. It's a colorful, comic book cyberworld where cool science comes to life. Meet Megan, Keisha, Max and Curtis, your new clubmates. They'll be taking you on all kinds of super sleuth adventures. Chase underwater ghosts in a city under the sea, fall into a gravity trap, or catch the clash of the rival robot Metal Heads. Each adventure challenges you to solve a mystery. The CyberClub won't just have you running around in circles, though. Every adventure you join and every game you play racks up points to spend on cyber freebies. You'll be glad you made a trip to this science city.

Visit: www.kineticcity.com
User Rating: 2.5275362275365stars
345 users rated this site
Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Issue Date: 11-29-1998

Cool Spots imageTwenty Questions, the game where one player thinks of an object and another asks questions in order to determine what the object is, can now be played on the Internet. This experiment in artificial intelligence plays like a simple game but behaves like a human - almost. Think quick and head to http://20Q.net to challenge the brainpower of a computer with your toughest objects. Pick an animal, a vegetable or a mineral and answer the site's questions to the best of your ability. The more it is played, the better it gets, so take a look at the future today at 20Q!

Visit: http://20Q.net
User Rating: 3.0997635777779stars
423 users rated this site

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