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Garfield Wants You Issue Date: 01-21-2007

Cool Spots imageVisit Professor Garfield for a fun learning experience at www.professorgarfield.org/
. Click on Spark Top to play fun games in an arcade setting. Take the Mission Z challenge at Star Sleeper and help Garfield and his friends get the rest they need to stay alert. Art-Bot can help you learn to be a cool cartoonist, and the Music-Bot will show you a sing-songy good time. Put on your boxing gloves and step into the Reading Ring with Dr. Stripp. Bob and weave with your reading skills so this challenge won't knock you out!

Visit: www.professorgarfield.org/pgf_home.html
User Rating: 3.115702479339stars
484 users rated this site
Betting the Farm Issue Date: 12-04-2005

Cool Spots imageSee how far $2 million lasts when you play the interactive game Bet the Farm at www.cosi.org/onlineExhibits/farm/
. Players practice making decisions while pretending to be Ohio farmers. How to Play explains the specifics. Once you begin, decide what type of crop or livestock you want. Will your farm raise hogs or chickens? Advice Cards pop up providing useful tips and considerations as well as news events that will affect your farm and your account. A lot is at stake, so choose wisely!

Visit: www.cosi.org/onlineExhibits/farm/farmFrame.htm
User Rating: 3.1013824887098stars
434 users rated this site
Poison Dart Frog Mystery Issue Date: 07-25-2004

Cool Spots imageTake a first-class ticket to a Costa Rican cloud forest and solve the Mystery of the Poison Dart Frog at www.ncmoa.org/costarica. You'll join Zoey and Zeke, a rambunctious brother and sister team, as they help their cousin Camilla put together a museum exhibit full of mysterious objects. Use your cell phone and research skills to make sure the evil Fausto doesn't mess things up. Along the way, you will learn about Costa Rican money, art and geography. You'll also meet a pig-nosed peccary, a cranky crocodile and, of course, a poison dart frog.

Visit: www.ncmoa.org/costarica
User Rating: 3.1841620637195stars
543 users rated this site
Entrenched in War Issue Date: 06-20-2004

Cool Spots imageHunker down in the trenches, fight as a Canadian World War I soldier and make careful decisions in "Over the Top," at www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/games/overtop/index_e.shtml. In this game, your goal is to dodge the flying bullets that come your way. You'll take orders from Lieutenant Jarvis, the platoon commander, but your on-the-spot decisions may save a life or cost one. Glance at the key terms in the glossary to prepare for your role. You'll find out that war is serious and scary, and there's rarely a clear right or wrong.

Visit: www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/games/overtop/index_e.shtml
User Rating: 3.0013441102155stars
744 users rated this site
Get a Spark in Your Top Issue Date: 04-25-2004

Cool Spots imageSparkTop at www.sparktop.org will fire you up with zany features that are updated regularly. Check out Totally Hidden Audio and help computer geeks Zack and Zoey as they help someone who is in a predicament. You can create a funky masterpiece by arranging random tunes, voices and sound effects. Or make a Spark2Spark personal profile. Just answer four simple questions about your awesome self, and you're set. SparkTop has so many options that you might spontaneously combust.

Visit: www.sparktop.org
User Rating: 2.4459799007538stars
796 users rated this site

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