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Rainbow of Fun Issue Date: 07-08-2007

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Julia's Rainbow Corner, www.julias
, for tons of fun and games. Check out easy online crafts in Create Something Cool, where you can build a snowman or decorate a cake. Join Julia and her wild friends in Animals, where you can take an underwater adventure with the octopus or listen to the many sounds of life. Our planet needs your help. Practice recycling and prepare yourself for some dirty work when you visit Let's Go to the Park. Try reading, spelling and typing with Julia before moving on to other online adventures.

Visit: www.juliasrainbowcorner.com/html/funandgames.html
User Rating: 2.6788461538459stars
520 users rated this site
Subject Showdown Issue Date: 06-24-2007

Cool Spots imageBrush up on your favorite school subject while playing Bitesize Bingo at www.bbc.co.uk/
. All language experts are invited to click on English for challenges involving poetry, grammar and more. Math muscle-heads unite to solve number stumpers that'll keep you guessing. Parlez-vous francais? Perhaps French will entice your bilingual mind. History buffs can test their knowledge of dates and facts, while geography whiz kids boost their brainpower as they interpret the lay of the land. Will you be the first to yell "bingo"?

Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/games/bingo
User Rating: 2.9284009546538stars
419 users rated this site
Amazing Maze Issue Date: 05-13-2007

Cool Spots imageGet your game on and your brain in gear with a visit to MazeWorks at http://mazeworks.com/home.htm. This challenging site is full of creative games that are sure to entertain you no matter your pleasure. Precious metals boggle the brain in English Sixteen, and Peg Solitaire will have you jumping your way to victory. Play a classic, The Tower of Hanoi, and then embrace a French favorite, Hare and Hounds. You will become addicted to Fiver while changing white to black. MazeGen will keep you wandering around, and when you feel prepared for a real adventure, create a maze of your own.

Visit: http://mazeworks.com/home.htm
User Rating: 3.7442827442825stars
481 users rated this site
Zoom Zoomin' Issue Date: 02-04-2007

Cool Spots imageHop in the Zoomer at www.cdm.org/children.html to explore a world of activities and fun. In Alice's Wonderland you can travel with Alice on crazy adventures and meet some strange characters. For more storybook fun, help solve a mystery in Elena, the Power Girl, or visit old San Jose in Step Into the Past. Ready for a fun challenge? Grand Prix Addition tests your arithmetic skills as you race a friend or the computer. Before signing off, be sure to check out the ASL Machine to learn how to sign messages using the American Sign Language alphabet.

Visit: www.cdm.org/children.html
User Rating: 2.9041614123584stars
793 users rated this site
Games Galore Issue Date: 01-28-2007

Cool Spots imageIf you are in the mood for a gob of games that are sure to tease your brain, visit What in the World? at http://kids.national
. Embark on a cyber Hawaiian adventure to see beautiful photos, and unscramble letters to discover the images' true identities. Are you an expert on all things green? Play "Going Green" to put your eyes to the test! View small pictures of board games and see if you can guess which game is being featured in "Games People Play." Eye to Eye gets you up close and personal to several animals. Unscramble their names to see the whole picture.

Visit: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/games/puzzlesquizzes
User Rating: 3.0454545454548stars
616 users rated this site

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