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Apply the Creative Mind Issue Date: 03-09-2008

Cool Spots imageSam invites you to check out the Kids' Zone at www.geffrye-museum.org.uk/
. If you love the outdoors, join Sam in creating a virtual garden where you click and drag vegetation for an awesome creation. When you're finished there, you can choose a time period and play designer by decorating the room of your choice. Move on to the Topsy-turvy Timeline where objects from different eras need your help to get in order. Don your detective hat and inspect clues with Sam to discover how people lived in the past.

Visit: www.geffrye-museum.org.uk/kidszone
User Rating: 3.1754385964917stars
627 users rated this site
Disaster Destroyer Issue Date: 02-24-2008

Cool Spots imagePractice your super hero skills when you play Stop Disasters, a wickedly fun simulation game at www.stopdisasters
. Your role in this game is to create a safer environment for the population. Don't worry. You are not alone on this quest. When you need it, there is excellent expert advice to help you though the challenges that you will face. Choose your scenario and upgrade your community to prevent specific calamities. Once you finish your mission objectives, move on to help others in need.

Visit: www.stopdisastersgame.org/en
User Rating: 2.8171641791045stars
268 users rated this site
A Science Feast Issue Date: 09-30-2007

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Kinetic City at www.kinetic
, bringing super smiles to science lovers everywhere. Hop into the Lab Car and play Mind Games to test your smarts. Visit the Supply Car and get a list of things you need to build and create fun projects that celebrate science. Ready for a challenge? Accept your mission to rid the world of some nasty computer bugs when you enter Kinetic City. Nastro, Grinder, Flossil and Sleuron are tough to beat, so find out as much as you can about these dangerous viruses and keep your computer safe!

Visit: www.kineticcity.com
User Rating: 2.9982935153583stars
586 users rated this site
Sea Secrets Issue Date: 08-26-2007

Cool Spots imagePractice your detective skills when you venture into deep water by plunging into Secrets@Sea www.secretsatsea.org. Browse through the chapters and select an adventure involving whales, tides and more. But be careful not to fall overboard! Read through all the comics to unearth super sea mysteries. Keep track of your Creature Cards, and if you need help, click on Field Guide to get loads of valuable information to help you solve the case. Review the information you collected in Notebook and share your findings for a successful investigation!

Visit: www.secretsatsea.org
User Rating: 3.5185185185189stars
513 users rated this site
Food Force Issue Date: 08-12-2007

Cool Spots imageBecome a hero when you sign up to join the Food Force, part of the World Food Program at www.food-force.com/index.php/game/missions. As a Food Force team rookie, you will have to complete six exciting missions that could save thousands of lives. Be sure to get an adult's permission before downloading this game. You will have to use all your skills to pilot a helicopter and locate those in need, create a balanced meal plan and distribute aid to the hungry. This experience will show you the importance of relief programs and just how essential your help is to people struggling to rebuild their communities.

Visit: www.food-force.com/index.php/game/missions
User Rating: 3.1826484018257stars
438 users rated this site

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