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Girl Power Issue Date: 11-06-2005

Cool Spots imageCelebrate 140 years of girlhood with Girls Incorporated, a national nonprofit youth organization, at www.girlsinc.org. Buff up at Strong Girls and exercise your emotions, mind and body. In Smart Girls, design your future and find out about the female power in the Supreme Court. Explore Bold Girls where you can voice your choice or run your own presidential campaign. Fun Stuff offers quizzes, games and surveys as well as good advice about taking care of yourself. In the News will keep you up-to-date on all things girls. Girls rock.

Visit: www.girlsinc.org
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Introducing Miss O. and Friends Issue Date: 04-10-2005

Cool Spots imageJoin Miss O. and her friends Justine, Harlie, Isabella and Juliette at www.missoandfriends.com, a site by girls for girls. Visit Check It Out for the latest news in movies, activities, travel, music and lifestyle. I see London, I see France and you can too in Cool Places. For those who enjoy writing, pen your creation at Submit a Story. For the super chefs or beginners in the kitchen, Miss O. can help you whip up something delicious with Miss O.'s Fab Recipes, a cookbook to peruse and healthy tips. You can also share your own awesome recipe. At Miss O. and Friends, girls rock.

Visit: www.missoandfriends.com
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The Will to Build — Girl Style Issue Date: 01-23-2005

Cool Spots imageCelebrate women in the field of engineering at www.engineergirl.org. Why Be an Engineer gives information and reasons girls may want to pursue this prestigious career. To see if this field is right for you, view a list of job descriptions and see what it's like to study engineering in school. The site highlights engineers in the fields of Space, Medicine, Environment and Communications. Fun Facts is filled with cool stories about great engineering feats. Don't forget to check out the biographies of successful Women Engineers.

Visit: www.engineergirl.org
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Women Doctors in America Issue Date: 02-29-2004

Cool Spots imageCelebrate America's women physicians Changing the Face of Medicine at www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/changing
. In the 1800s, women fought for the right to attend medical schools, and they continue to transform the profession today. Biographies tell the stories of women who excel in spite of gender-based stereotypes, such as Dr. Florence Rena Sabin, the first woman employed at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. And with video interviews, you can meet great doctors who are women.

Visit: www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/changingthefaceofmedicine
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TechnoGirls Rule! Issue Date: 07-16-2000

Cool Spots imageIf you're a girl who's looking for some more elbow room in the World Wide Web, Girl Tech is the site for you. Book girls, sports girls, art girls, volunteer girls and pop girls are all cool girls, and they're all welcome at Girl Tech. Stretch your fingers to the tune of www.girltech.com and you'll soon be zooming to places like NASA space camp, Amelia Earhart's plane, and the scary mind of author R.L Stine. But that's just a start. Every place you click leads to more cool stuff. You can learn to interpret handwriting, say hello in Icelandic or sign language, tell the world about your favorite book, meet famous girl musicians and athletes, make a friend in the Philippines and more, more, more! There's a galaxy of fun, plus "Tech Trips" that link you to dozens more girl-friendly sites, with everything from art projects to games to volcano science. Pretty soon your new favorite word will be "comput-her."

Visit: www.girltech.com
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