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Be Yourself Issue Date: 08-09-2015

Cool Spots imageActress Amy Poehler encourages young people to change the world by using their creativity and intelligence. Amy’s Smart Girls, amysmartgirls.com/topics, has the motto “Change the World by Being Yourself.” What does this mean? In Culture, read Talking to “Inside Out” Screenwriter and Smart Girl Meg LeFauve, and hear her advice for kids like Riley, who are navigating growing up. In Animals, meet 10-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, whose business, Bee Sweet Lemonade, is helping to solve a big problem. See how you can become a bee ambassador.

Visit: http://amysmartgirls.com/topics
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Women in Science Issue Date: 07-21-2013

Cool Spots imageScience: It’s a Girl Thing, science-girl-thing.eu/en, is spreading the news that girls have what it takes to be scientists. Did you know that girls are just as great at math and science as boys are? For a variety of reasons, more boys than girls tend to pursue careers in science. If your Dream Job is finding new ways to protect the environment, you can become a Renewable Energy Engineer. If scuba diving and sea creatures fascinate you, Marine Biology may be your destiny. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars. Find out Six Reasons Science Needs You!

Visit: science-girl-thing.eu/en
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Dream Big Issue Date: 04-21-2013

Cool Spots imageCareer Girls, careergirls.org, is the place to go to plan your future. You will see interviews with women who are judges, architects, journalists and more. You will be inspired to reach for the stars as you meet women who share their journeys to success. To get started, choose a career from the I Want to Be list. For instance, if you want to be a scientist, you can hear from Dr. Monica Hall Porter, who describes her research in heart disease. Find out more in How Do I Do This? Then scroll down to meet professionals in other fields.

Visit: careergirls.org
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Imagine and Create Issue Date: 03-03-2013

Cool Spots imageBecome an Engineer Girl, engineergirl.org, and you could grow up to design airplanes, protect the environment or create structures that keep people safe from natural disasters. Visit Engineers to meet people like Kelly Bernish, an environmental engineer in charge of ride and guest safety at Walt Disney World. Find out What They Do and learn Fun Facts about the amazing things engineers have already designed, such as the Ferris wheel and Hubble Space Telescope. Now Try on a Career. Set goals in How to Get There, and find contests, clubs and scholarship information.

Visit: engineergirl.org
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Fun for Girls Issue Date: 10-07-2012

Cool Spots imagePlay@American Girl, americangirl.com/play, with a collection of games and activities that will help you connect with your favorite characters online. Use Cover Creator to become a star on the American Girl magazine's cover. Take a weekly poll, then explore the To Do list to find games, snacks and money makers you can enjoy at home. Feeling inspired? Send in your ideas! Now it's playtime; you and your friends will have hours of fun with dozens of online games. Finally, download free Apps featuring your favorite characters and visit E-Card Central to brighten someone's day.

Visit: americangirl.com/play
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