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Girl's World: The Web Clubhouse Just for Girls Issue Date: 10-27-1996

Cool Spots imageFor an incredible on-line experience, go to "the space where girls rule the place" at www.agirlsworld.com the Girl's World Clubhouse. This home page is hopping, and you don't have to wear a dress-this place is for girls of the '90s! There is so much to do, you could stay for days. Make new friends, get to know women with dynamite careers, find directions for neat stuff you can make and lots more! Girls are in the Clubhouse, waiting for you to come share your thoughts on a million different subjects. Type in your opinion on a hot topic, and then take a peek at the Clubhouse girls' secret diaries. Give a little advice-what would you do if it were you? So go, girl, and have a blast at the place "where it's cool to be a girl!"

Visit: www.agirlsworld.com
User Rating: 2.4649180868856stars
305 users rated this site
Make Your Own Funnies Issue Date: 09-29-1996

Cool Spots imageEvery day is kind of like Sunday at the Philadelphia Online Comics. You can create your own comics page from the daily comics of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Go to www2.phillynews.com/comics. You'll find even more of your favorite characters at www.gocomics.com/explore/comics. Check out Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes and the rest of the gang there. Find out about the people creating these wacky 'toons, too. Do it just for laughs! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.gocomics.com/explore/comics
User Rating: 2.9000000000002stars
434 users rated this site
Frisbee Fun & Fetch Freestyle Issue Date: 08-18-1996

Cool Spots imageEven if your dog's no Einstein, the Dallas Dog & Disc Club at www.dallasdogndisc.com can help you and your canine learn enough doggie disc basics to play a friendly game of flying fetch. From the first sniff of the plastic platter to getting Rover to give back the Frisbee once he's caught it, your friends in Dallas have the answers. If your dog is already a fine retriever, but you need practice with the Frisbee, hover at www.frisbee.com the Frisbee Freestyle page, where you can bone up on the most basic of basics and try out more advanced techniques like the "Flamingo Catch." While you're there, take a minute to ogle over the Freestyle slide show and videos. This is the perfect site for new and long-time Frisbee flingers, so check it out! (The second site is no longer available.)

Visit: www.dallasdogndisc.com
User Rating: 2.6705577172503stars
771 users rated this site
Oh, Go Make a Kite Issue Date: 07-14-1996

Cool Spots imageWith paper, tape and string, you can make 20 kites from 20 pieces of standard typing paper. Fly over to the Big Wind Kite Factory in Molola'i, Hawaii http://
for the complete plan and instructions, or you can build the Basic Sled Kite with the instructions from www.ex.ac.uk/~jastaple/kites/projects/sled/sled.html. Advanced kite making instructions can be found at http://moreinfo.com.au/aks/
. (Disclaimer: The first and third sites are no longer available.)

Visit: www.ex.ac.uk/~jastaple/kites/projects/sled/sled.html
User Rating: 3.105550500454stars
1099 users rated this site
Color Me Green or Blue or... Issue Date: 06-23-1996

Cool Spots imageYou can always stay within the lines when you point and click to color the image of the Leprechaun. Choose from the color palette then click on an area you wish to become that color. At Carlos' coloring book, www.coloring.com you can choose among six pictures to color. When you're finished coloring in Carlos' book, head on over to http://winnie.acsu.buffalo.edu/potatoe and play edible, starchy tuberhead (a.k.a.,"Mr. Potatohead"). Choose among the funny ears, eyes, noses, feet and mustaches to create your own amiable spud. You'll love the funny pictures and the movie of the flying potato. But don't stop there, because you'll find lots of "Mr. Potatoheads" on the Web. For a fancier (but slower loading) site, you can go to: http://westnet.com/~crywalt/pothead/pothead.html. By the way, how do YOU spell potato(e)? (The second and third sites are no longer available.)

Visit: www.coloring.com
User Rating: 3.1898158006497stars
923 users rated this site

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