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This Stick Knows Where Home Is Issue Date: 04-20-1997

Cool Spots imageWhat is a boomerang? How does it work? You know, boomerangs aren't found only in Australia. People all over the world are getting into boomerangs for fun and competition. Just zip on over to the Boomerang Homepage at www.boomerangs.org to learn all about these fascinating flying objects. You'll see how they're made and how to throw them, and even learn about the laws of physics that make them come back to you on their own. Try to make a Frisbee do that! Sure, it takes a little time and practice to learn the art of boomeranging, but this site will teach you all the tricks you need to get started.

Visit: www.boomerangs.org
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462 users rated this site
Bring on the Bubbles! Issue Date: 04-06-1997

Cool Spots imageEver wonder why bubbles are spheres and not some other shape? What makes all the rainbow colors on a bubble? And what happens when two bubbles collide? (They don't always pop!) As you wave the bubble wand, it may seem like you're just playing with soap. But there's lots going on inside every bubble. Get the blow-by-blow story on bubbles at www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/bubbles. This cool under-the-microscope site will teach you everything about how soap and water work together to make hours of good clean fun. You'll also find easy science experiments, a recipe for the best bubble formula, and information on lots of books and Web sites about bubbles and soap science. Also, check out the links to other bubble pages at the Cool School sites.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/bubbles
User Rating: 2.9676425269654stars
649 users rated this site
Get the Lead Out Issue Date: 03-16-1997

Cool Spots imageWhether you're working on your math at school or sketching cartoons for fun, the pencil is your helper and a friend you can count on every day. The Pencil Pages pay tribute to your favorite writing tool, and let you find out more about this often overlooked school supply. Did you know that a typical pencil can draw a line that is 35 miles long? Or that pencils can write in zero gravity, upside down and underwater? From ancient Rome to the present, the pencil has been a vital communications tool. By clicking on a pencil, you'll learn about pencil history, production or famous pencil users. You'll even learn how different pencils can be. Ready to become a pencil pal? Doodle your way to www.pencils.com.

Visit: www.pencils.com
User Rating: 3.2080291970802stars
274 users rated this site
CyberKids Issue Date: 11-17-1996

Cool Spots imageWhether it's the tree fort in the backyard or that secret hiding place, you've always loved a spot that's for kids and kids only! It's no different on the Web, only now CyberKids is the place where kids exchange stories, create art, and listen to each other's music in their own corner of cyberspace. Kids rule here! Kick back in the reading room, check out some awesome paintings, or download an interactive movie. If you're up to the challenge, you can even enter in writing and art contests. There're games, a bookstore, and even a crazy castle! Bring your headphones, pencils, crayons and all of your creativity to www.cyberkids.com. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.cyberkids.com
User Rating: 3.4600806258065stars
248 users rated this site
Play Super Sleuth Through the Web Issue Date: 11-03-1996

Cool Spots imageJust when you thought the Web was puzzling enough, along comes The Case, with its own brand of brain-teasing mysteries. Whether you want to test your logic against your friends or you just love surprise endings, The Case is a great Web site for "clued-in" kids and adults. Check out the "Twist," a weekly mystery, or "Solve-It," a mini-mystery that requires quick wit! Use your magnifying glass for the "Mystery Photo" and find out why every picture tells a thousand words. Ready to play Sherlock Holmes? Then tip-toe to www.thecase.com. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.thecase.com
User Rating: 2.9896373056996stars
193 users rated this site

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