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Play Ball! Issue Date: 05-30-1999

Cool Spots imageFrom New York City to small towns coast-to-coast, kids have long loved playing street games after school. At The Games We Used to Play, you'll hang out with friends from all over, strutting your stuff in games like Kick the Can, Stoopball and Skulley. Bring a rubber ball and plenty of energy to www.streetplay.com and meet the urban legends in your neighborhood. The rules are simple, but the competition can be stiff! Read about players discussing the best playgrounds, the coolest wall games, boxball, and the rising sport of handball. You could have the time of your life.

Visit: www.streetplay.com
User Rating: 3.2000000011107stars
450 users rated this site
Hip To Be Square Issue Date: 05-16-1999

Cool Spots imageThe battlefield of chess is full of pitfalls and danger. That's why understanding this fascinating game from the inside-out is crucial. Make your next move to Chess Dominion at http://library.thinkquest.org/10746. Stop by the Gallery of Champions to meet legends from Morphy and Botvinnik to Kasparov and Deep Blue. Travel through time and across the globe, listening to the sounds of chess spoken in many tongues and examining chess art from Europe to the Americas. The site also has a super tutorial, which gives you the lowdown on every chess move, from bishops to rooks to pawns. Checkmate!

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/10746
User Rating: 3.0938967120493stars
639 users rated this site
Inter-Activities For The Whole Family Issue Date: 05-16-1999

Cool Spots imageCan you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Easy! Just go straight to www.sesameworkshop.org The Children's Television Workshop is now broadcasting fun on the Web. Sure, the Sesame Street gang is there, but there's also stuff for older kids, too. Check out Kid City, where you can start an e-sticker collection, get in on the latest popular stuff, and even build your very own Web site. Take the Sesame Street trivia quiz, play some games, see the behind-the-scenes puppet world, and tickle Elmo with your mouse. Parents can help tots with learning games, such as playing with "food" to make art, and games to play on car trips. The Workshop site is full of cool colors and familiar faces-and it's always being updated.

Visit: www.sesameworkshop.org
User Rating: 2.9289893582447stars
752 users rated this site
Far-Out Voyages Issue Date: 04-11-1999

Cool Spots imageTake the coolest trip around the world with Boowa and Kwala, a hilarious duo who love to play games, sing and dance. Their Web site features the best in animations, sounds and interactive games. Your passport to fun awaits at www.boowakwala.com. Through illustrated stories and activities, you'll voyage to such far-off places as the Land of Pretty Shells and the Land of Hats. These awesome games feature jugglers, hot-air balloon rides and exotic animals. Along the way, you'll help Kwala find her way through a maze, and join Boowa in merry song. Check out the coloring pages, because if you send in your drawing of Boowa and Kwala, they'll show it on the site! Best of all, the site features new stories and music every month. Seeing the world has never been so much fun! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.boowakwala.com
User Rating: 2.9906153901536stars
650 users rated this site
Scout It Out Issue Date: 03-28-1999

Cool Spots image"Sugar and spice and everything nice," and brains and fun and creativity and energy-THAT'S what girls are made of! If this sounds like you, then check out the awesome Girl Scouts Web site. There's no uniform required, just a desire to have fun and learn. Girl Scouts is not just about cookies and camping. There's a lot going on at www.girlscouts.org. Try the "power"-full scavenger hunt, and get in on the cool science that shows you how to make your own lightning! Or if you're in the mood to express yourself, there's a hundred ways: girl chat, girl poets, girl artists and even Girl Space-a big virtual refrigerator door where you can stick anything you want people to see or think about. Be sure to check out the careers section, too. There are some pretty inspiring women to show you the world that's waiting for you, from veterinarians to engineers. What are you waiting for? Go, girl!

Visit: www.girlscouts.org
User Rating: 3.495016607309stars
602 users rated this site

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