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Thrills of the Funhouse Issue Date: 10-22-2000

Cool Spots imageYou're sitting in a small rickety car. All of a sudden, the car lurches, the lights go out and a skeleton hand touches you. With your heart in your throat, you emerge safely into the sunlight, with a laugh. Welcome to Laff in the Dark at www.laffinthedark.com. This Web site features a series of articles, fond memories by their authors, about the glory days of funhouses and "dark rides," which were meant to startle and scare the wits out of you. Brought to you by the Dark Ride and Funhouse Historical Society, Laff in the Dark seeks to preserve these historical dark rides. As you hide behind your friend in this year's Halloween haunted houses, remember the legacy of the dark ride.

Visit: www.laffinthedark.com
User Rating: 3.6022727272726stars
528 users rated this site
Get Interactive Issue Date: 08-27-2000

Cool Spots imageWith a focus on fun, Cyberkids.com delivers a smorgasbord of cool kids' activities. By visiting www.cyberkids.com you'll find a universe of great games, including Amoeba Madness, Aussie Surf Classic, Castlemouse 2000 and Web Hockey. Be sure to swing by the Funny Bone section for jokes, comics and animations. Or check out the Daily Factoid for brain teasers and fun trivia. Looking to reach out to a long-lost buddy? The site lets you send nifty digital postcards to all of your pals. If you're a budding writer or artist, you'll love the Creative Works section, where you can submit your stories, poems, drawings and more. Or become an online sleuth, and try solving the Case of the Costumed Thief. Best of all, CyberKids.com is loaded with way-cool downloads, from a chocolate-bar screensaver to a Dracula font. Let the games begin! (Disclaimer: Ths site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.cyberkids.com
User Rating: 3.0780645209675stars
620 users rated this site
Kid News Issue Date: 08-27-2000

Cool Spots imageFor curious kids who can't get enough of news, science, sports and music, CBC4Kids is ground zero on the Net. Brought to you by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., this cool Web site is transmitted on the Internet at www.cbc.ca/kids. At the LAB-oratory, future scientists can take a trip into space, meet some famous inventors, or gaze into the stars through the Hubble Space Telescope. For music fans, the Music section delivers way-fun activities, such as the Sound Bar Jukebox and Name That Classical Tune. You'll also find out about young performers who enjoy careers in classical music. And in the News and Sports section, you'll get the latest stories as well as learn how to read and write a newscast of your own. Plus, the Homework Helper shows you how to find stuff on the Internet for your latest assignment. And if you think you're a real news guru, then take the What's News Quiz to test your knowledge. At CBC4Kids, you're always on the air.

Visit: www.cbc.ca/kids
User Rating: 2.9043478260866stars
575 users rated this site
Come to the Playground Issue Date: 07-30-2000

Cool Spots imageMeet Alfy, a cool pup who knows his way around a computer. Alfy's place is like the neighborhood playground for kids in cyberspace. Skate on over to www.alfy.com and see what he's up to today. Slide into the fun with colorful crafts, clever games and silly cartoons. Alfy speaks Spanish and English, so you're sure to be friends right away. Alfy's Surprises features a daily joke and an adopt-a-pet game. And there are tons of games in the Arcade: snapping crocodiles, flying cupcakes, outer space adventures–you name it! When you've had enough adventure for the day, have some quiet time in Storyville. There are funny stories for you to read along with, and music and activities to help you get in on the action. Then explore Music Mania where you can listen to the Jukebox or Sing-A-Long. Whatever you and Alfy do together, you'll definitely have fun and get lots of practice working a computer. Go play! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.alfy.com
User Rating: 2.6428571410718stars
280 users rated this site
TechnoGirls Rule! Issue Date: 07-16-2000

Cool Spots imageIf you're a girl who's looking for some more elbow room in the World Wide Web, Girl Tech is the site for you. Book girls, sports girls, art girls, volunteer girls and pop girls are all cool girls, and they're all welcome at Girl Tech. Stretch your fingers to the tune of www.girltech.com and you'll soon be zooming to places like NASA space camp, Amelia Earhart's plane, and the scary mind of author R.L Stine. But that's just a start. Every place you click leads to more cool stuff. You can learn to interpret handwriting, say hello in Icelandic or sign language, tell the world about your favorite book, meet famous girl musicians and athletes, make a friend in the Philippines and more, more, more! There's a galaxy of fun, plus "Tech Trips" that link you to dozens more girl-friendly sites, with everything from art projects to games to volcano science. Pretty soon your new favorite word will be "comput-her."

Visit: www.girltech.com
User Rating: 3.2950819631893stars
671 users rated this site

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