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Ever wonder what your parents are doing when they send that tube flying at the bank drive-thru? There's more to banking than just getting money. There's a lot to learn about the value of a dollar...and it's very interesting! One stop at www.kidsbank.com shows you the fun way to learn about money matters. Why not start your withdrawal (of knowledge) by meeting the funny money characters, like Dollar Bill, Interest Ray and Checks the dog. They'll fill you in on the history of money and the ins and outs of savings, credit and interest. Then pop into the game room for a wealth of quizzes to test your money know-how. Mr. Money is always around to answer your questions. And check out the vault full of links to other cool and useful sites for kids. This site is full of rich info to get you through life-you can bank on it!

Funny FarmOld McDonald had a farm, and after a visit to the Barnyard Palace, so can you! This far-out farm shows students how to manage and care for various animals. Hop on the tractor and ride out to www.agr.state.nc.us/ cyber/ kidswrld/ general/ barnyard/ barnyard.htm for an old-fashioned barnyard hoedown. You'll learn about the basic life cycle of goats, as well as their interesting personalities. Every "chicken little" on the block will love the poultry page, full of tidbits on hens, chickens and eggs. This site is full of interesting stories and trivia. Did you know that dairy cows use their tails like giant flyswatters? Or that pigs, in fact, do NOT sweat. Best of all, you'll get the chance to milk a cow yourself at the milking parlor! Find out today if you're cut out for the family farm. The Barnyard Palace is one serious animal house!

Alaskan Adventure
Bird watchers and tourists alike love catching glimpses of eagles, gulls and seabirds up close. Thanks to Wild-Eyed Alaska, you, too, can take part in the bird gazing! Travel north to www.hhmi.org/ alaska and make your way to Gull Island, in Kachemak Bay. The Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska, has installed four video cameras on the island to keep an eye on the incredible wildlife found here. You'll watch colorful video clips of the black-legged kittiwakes and horned puffins at play, or bald eagles on the hunt. Dive into the sea and swim with whales, sea lions, salmon and more. And be sure to catch the millions of birds migrating south before winter arrives-don't get left behind! Alaska awaits!

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. What type of animal is a black-legged kittiwake?

a dog
a bird
a rabbit
2. How many pounds of corn silage can a dairy cow consume daily?
3. According to Penny, how did people buy things before money?
people didn't buy things before money

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Where can I find a site that tells me what Egyptian hieroglyphs mean?--Jimmy, Denver
Dear Jimmy: The best Web site I found has a simple alphabet so you can translate a sentence. Hieroglyphics are explained on the PBS Nova series at www.pbs.org/ wgbh/ nova/ pyramid/ hieroglyph/ hieroglyph4.html. If you are looking for more in-depth information on Egyptian history, go to SCRTEC's Trackstar at http://trackstar.4teachers.org and do a search for "Egypt." There are several Tracks that contain Web sites about Eygpt that teachers have built for online lessons.

Dear Amy: If "www" stands for World Wide Web, what do "com" and "org" mean?--Whitney, Winchester, Ky.
Dear Whitney: The "com" or "org" is part of the domain name, a unique Web address. These names are made up of common words so it is easier to remember, such as www.whitehouse.gov. When Web sites apply to register their domain names, they have to choose which group they belong to. Not-for-profit organizations use "org," network-related groups, like Internet Service Providers, use "net" and commercial Web sites use "com." The White House domain name ends with "gov" because it is part of the government and most four-year college and university domain names use "edu."

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