"Pitara" means "chest full of surprises" in Hindi, and surprises are just what you'll find when you click your way to www.pitara.com. Pitara is a cool site for preteens who want a different view of the world-and who want to be treated like smart kids! Everything here is about creativity. First, gear up with a folk tale from India. Check out the tale of the magic turtle, and see what Haka and Paka the twin jackals are up to. There are lots of other stories and poems, too, in English and Hindi. If you're a more visual kid, check out the arts activities, including the coloring book full of great pictures from Indian culture. Be sure to check out the Kathakali mask! Of course, there are interactive brain teasers and, best of all, YOU can design your own news Web page. It's easy. And why not meet some international smart kids like yourself on the e-pals network. This site makes the Web a welcoming place for kids, so explore the Web from an Indian perspective today.

Monkey Business Immerse yourself in the world of chimpanzees at the Jane Goodall Institute's Web site. From Jane Goodall's famous primate research to the amazing intelligence of the chimps, you'll get the lowdown on some amazing monkey business. Safari with Jane out to www.janegoodall.org The site contains a wealth of chimpanzee information, with topics ranging from habitat and physical characteristics to their legendary communication skills. You'll love the food call, a mixture of grunts, barks and hoots! Don't forget to check out the Roots and Shoots project, which promotes care and understanding of the environment, animals and human communities globally. So get ready to spend some time with Jane Goodall studying chimpanzees in Tanzania.

Zoning In on Fun
Connect with friends from around the world at Curiocity's Freezone, the Internet community where kids come to interact with other kids. Get in the game at www.freezone.com because it's time to serve up your creative skills to an online audience. Submit your favorite jokes to the Giggleplex, find an e-mail pal from a foreign country, or join the conversation at the Chat Box. It's girls against boys at the Gender Bender Quiz, while NewzFlash offers up the latest news for kids, by kids. If you fancy yourself a journalist, then join the Freezone as a junior reporter. You'll even find a celebrity interview with Weird Al Yankovic! Ready to make your own homepage? You'll learn how at the Home Page Constructor. And if you run into computer problems along the way, do pay a visit to your caring friends at the Tech Know Team. Don't forget to create your own far-out and funny story at Moose Libs. Zone in to this interactive playground now! (This site is no longer available.)

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. How old was Jane Goodall on her first trip to Africa?

2. At Freezone, what is the first rule to become an e-pal?
Get your parent's permission
Be nice
Have fun
3. Name the three mice in one of the Pitara poems.
Ray, Jay and May
In, Pin, Tin
Billy, Willy and Millie

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Where can I find things about experiments for our science fair?--Jenna, Chicago
Dear Jenna: Science fairs are fun, but it's hard to figure out what to do. There's a Web site from the Internet Public Library called A Science Fair Project Resource Guide at www.ipl.org/div/projectguide that can help you. It has links to ideas, resources and samples of how other kids have done projects. Their information can help you plan your project as well as provide ideas about starting a science fair at your school.

Dear Amy: How can I cope with one of my best friends moving away?--Erin, Boise, Idaho
Dear Erin: I'm sorry to hear your friend is moving away. Keeping in touch by e-mail should help, but in the meantime, why not help your friend turn moving away into an adventure? Check out Cool Move at www.4kids.org/ askamy/ coolmove.html to get a list of links that can help your friend adapt to her new city. You can check out the weather, print out a map of her new neighborhood, see if her school has a homepage and look for local historic sites just for starters. Who knows? With your parents' permission, you could start planningyour first visit to her new house.(This page is no longer available.)

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