Freedom Fighter
As an early father of the civil rights movement, Frederick Douglass' impact on American history has been enormous. Born a slave, he broke free of his shackles and went on to become a highly respected abolitionist, human rights activist, author and orator. At American Visionaries: Frederick Douglass, you'll find an exhibit that explores his many achievements and reforms. Cry freedom at www.nps.gov/history/museum/exhibits/douglass to learn about the Underground Railroad, the raid on Harper's Ferry and his meetings with John Brown and Abraham Lincoln. An image gallery contains pictures of Douglass, while the timeline takes you from his days as a servant and laborer to his political triumphs. It's time to meet the myth, the legend and the man!

The Mechanics of FunPopular Mechanics explores things most kids can only dream about, such as participating in emergency rescues, creating special effects for movies and crawling through a city's underground sewer system. Carrying on that tradition, Popular Mechanics for Kids' (PMK) WebZone contains a dazzling mix of science, adventure and clowning around. Let your imagination run wild at www.pm4kids.com. The television program's popular co-hosts, Jay, Charlie, Elisha and Tyler, will be your guides as you meet circus performers, submarine captains and athletic hotshots. At the mond-o-Zones, you'll go scuba diving with sharks, get the lowdown on outer-space fashions and ride along with the police on high-speed chases. Stop by the You! page, where you'll be able to submit everything from funny headlines to jokes to photos. This site is loaded with games and multimedia, so get ready to go interactive in a hurry.(This site is no longer available.)

Visit a Living Eden
The twigs crackle under your feet as you push your way through the dense foliage of the jungle. As you come into a clearing, you see an amazing, endangered creature. Don't miss your chance-take a picture fast! This is just the beginning of your Madagascar adventure. At www.pbs.org/ edens/ madagascar step into the boots of two famous filmmakers who trek around the world looking for rare and unusual wildlife, and see paradise through their cameras. Your journey starts with a click on "Eden Evolution," where you'll get a crash-course on the who, what and where of this amazing African island. Then you're ready to meet some locals, like lemurs and chameleons. Find out what it's like to be a nature photographer waiting for that perfect shot. Have fun frolicking with the lemurs. Just don't forget to write home now and then!

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Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. How many types of lemurs live on Madagascar?

2. In which year did the magazine roots of the PMK WebZone begin?
3. Which year was Frederick Douglass born?

Ask Amy
Dear Amy: What kinds of things should I put on my home page?--Rebecca, Austin, Texas
Dear Rebecca: I think it is best to start simple and add new things to your home page more often. That's what makes it fun. Don't think of your Web site as being just about you; make it about what interests you. A family home page is cool, too. A favorite family recipe or pictures of a recent wedding are good ideas to start with. E-mail your friends and family to find out what they think of your page and ask if they have anything to add. If you want to get into the latest in Web design, surf to Project Cool at www.devx.com/projectcool/developer. The ideas are fresh, and the tutorials are great. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: Is there a way, without a scanner, to get pictures of my soccer team on our home page?--Sara, Teluride, Colo.
Dear Sara: All pictures on the Web have to be digitized. Using a scanner is the easiest way, and lots of schools, libraries, camera shops and photocopy services can do it. Check the Yellow Pages, or the store where you have your film processed, to see if they can digitize your pictures and put them on a photo CD-ROM. You will need software on your computer to read the digitized photos and to convert them to the gif or jpeg format.

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