Super, Natural Nicaragua
A land of mountains, volcanoes, beaches and jungle, Nicaragua is a Central American oasis of beauty. At Experience Nicaragua, you'll discover the magic of the country and meet the friendly people who live here. Hop into your 4X4 and off-road out to http://library.thinkquest.org/17749 for an exotic adventure. From poetry to local cuisine, you'll discover a culture that draws from the native Indians and the Spanish settlers. Be sure to taste the popular gallo pinto dish! Join in one of the fiestas, annual celebrations that include parades, music, dance and plays. The site's multimedia page-with video clips, interviews and local music-is nothing short of great entertainment. Plus, there's a special section dedicated to the country's many volcanoes, featuring a way-cool volcanic eruption simulator. Nicaragua has it all, including the heat.

Feel Your Way Through Art Art is sometimes seen as one of the most direct connections to the colorful palette of human emotions. A little dab of www.pbs.org/ringsofpassion will open the gallery for you to explore the emotional side of art at the Rings of Passion Web site. Love, anguish, awe, joy and triumph are shared by people all over the world, from artists as famous as Picasso to little-known African folk artists. Landscapes sing in awe, dancing sculptures frolic in joy, and portraits swoon with love. Across the map, from Chicago to Czechoslovakia to China, artists have brought these human experiences to life for centuries. Which paintings and sculptures express your passions? Pick the paintings that you like best and put together a display in the virtual gallery. You can also browse through other people's exhibits and join them in fascinating conversations about the power of art. (This site is no longer available.)

Wonder Women
The National Museum of Women's History in Washington, D.C., celebrates the historic contributions of American women and explores their diverse heritage. March down to the museum's Web site at www.nmwh.org and discover how women's achievements have paved the way for future generations. At the women's suffrage exhibit, you'll take an in-depth journey through a timeline of this momentous cause, complete with an impressive gallery of images and photos.

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When you know the answers to the questionsbelow, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4KidsDetective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong.Good luck.

1. Who was elected president of Nicaragua in 1997?

Violeta Barios Chamorro
Daniel Ortega
Arnoldo Aleman
2. What emotion does Eakins' "Salutat" communicate?
3. What was the goal of the women's suffrage movement?
voting rights
public schools for children
This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
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Ask Amy
Dear Amy: Is there a site that will help me write an e-mail in Spanish?--Carlisha, Madison, Wis.
Dear Calisha: There are a few sites on the World Wide Web where you can take a sentence in one language and turn it into another language. You can change an English sentence into French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian. I like AltaVista's at http://babel.altavista.com/tr. It's easy. Just type in a word or a sentence, select the language and click the Translate button. They say it's not as accurate as a human translator, but it's pretty good, and fun to do. Diga hola a su amigo para m’ en espa–ol. (Babel Fish is now at http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_txt)

Dear Amy: Where's the best place to get some cool scripts for my homepage?--Ethan, Portland, Ore.
Dear Ethan: I like to check in to DevHead at www.zdnet.com/ devhead at least once a week and get the latest on new Web software and how cyberfreaks are using it. There is a script library if you want to cut and paste something spicy onto your page, and there's usually an online utility or two to check your HTML code and stuff like that. Since it is a ZDNet site there are tons of links on all kinds of Web topics. Sign up for the e-mail newsletter if you want to be prompted about the latest postings. (This site is no longer available.)

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