Blue Angels
Have you flown the friendly skies lately? If not, it might be time for you to jump into the cockpit of an F/A 18 Hornet and skysurf with the Blue Angels. As role models and ambassadors of goodwill for the United States Navy, the Blue Angels have performed choreographed aerial shows for over 291 million spectators. And now that they're online at www.blueangels.navy.mil. The Angels have brought their traveling air show to a whole new audience. Their web site contains a spotlight on the Hornet aircraft, a squadron history, information on the Angels' personnel, and the 1997 Blue Angels show calendar. There's even a well-stocked photo gallery, complete with all of your favorite aerobatic maneuvers. It's time for an air show! So bring your binoculars along, and keep an eye out for that Delta Formation.

Bubbles For some people, bubbles aren't just a passing fancy--they're an obsession! Meet Professor Bubbles, a man who has made bubble fun his life's work. Enter the Bubblesphere at http://bubbles.org and get the answers to all your burning bubble questions: What makes the rainbow colors in soap bubbles? What's the biggest bubble ever blown? This site offers gallons of fun, with instructions for making cool bubble tools out of simple things around the house and a recipe for the ultimate bubble formula. You can also check out the professor's amazing bubble inventions and the demonstrations he's done all over the world. So get out the soap and water and join the professor for some good clean fun.

Explore the land of smiles Tour of Thailand takes you on an adventurous trip through ancient cities filled with Buddhist temples, kings and queens, and the mysteries of the Emerald Buddha. Learn about a culture where elephants still work in forest management and where visitors explore the fabulous countryside by taking safari roadtrips and hiking and river rafting. Find out why should never touch a Thai person's head. Visit a country with over 1,000 types of birds and find out where the Golden Triangle is and the legends behind it. Explore the land of smiles at http://tourismthailand.org and find yourself trekking through a safari, sea-cruising among the islands or snorkeling off the coast to explore marine life at sea. The adventures never end so take a cyberwalk down through the mountains of Thailand and plan your own adventure!(Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

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1. Which town are the Blue Angels from?

Lawrence, Kansas
Paris, France
Pensacola, Florida
2. What is Professor Bubbles's real name?
Richard Faverty
Bill Carlson
3. How old is the history of Thailand?
80 years
800 years
8000 years

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Dear Amy: I want to create my own homepage. What kind of sites are excellent, and where can you go to create your own homepage? -Katherine, Cupertino, CA

Dear Katherine: Designing a great Web site is not easy. Bright Sites at http://scrtec.org/bright_sites will give you lots of cool ideas and tell you why, too. There are a lot of Web sites like http://angelfire.lycos.com, http://geocities.yahoo.com and www.tripod.lycos.com that give you free server space to put up your home page by displaying advertising. You can start a free page and get good advice from SureSite at www.suresite.com. They support their free page service by selling you more advanced capabilities later. (Three of these sites are no longer available.)

Dear Amy: My parents think that chat rooms on the Internet are a bad influence for kids. We disagree. What do you think? -Laura & Rosie, Boise, ID

Dear Laura & Rosie: With Chat people can have live, real-time keyboard "conversations" over the Internet. It's possible to chat with movie stars, astronauts and people in the middle of disasters. There are tons of chat rooms with good intentions, but I don't recommend it for kids without your parent's supervision because you never really know who you are talking to on the other end.

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