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What is a boomerang? How does it work? You know, boomerangs aren't found only in Australia. People all over the world are getting into boomerangs for fun and competition. Just zip on over to the Boomerang Homepage at www.boomerangs.org to learn all about these fascinating flying objects. You'll see how they're made and how to throw them, and even learn about the laws of physics that make them come back to you on their own. Try to make a Frisbee do that! Sure, it takes a little time and practice to learn the art of boomeranging, but this site will teach you all the tricks you need to get started.

Kings, queens, knights, brigands, music, dancing and tales of dragons. This is a Renaissance Faire, where actors put on costumes and practice the trades and traditions of medieval Europe. At a Faire, visitors travel back several hundred years to sample food, folklore and entertainment. Now at www.renfaire.com you can find out all about Renaissance Faires. From the comfort of your own computer, you can read about the clothing, history, customs and language used to re-create a little history. So, jump on your trusty steed and travel through time to visit the 1500s. Chainmail is not required, unless, you would like to do a little jousting.

Has the recent mammal-cloning controversy left you scratching your head? Is it true that humans can't protect themselves from growing swarms of mosquitoes? And what's with the mad cow panic across the ocean? From the National Institute for Science Education comes the Why Files, a Web site dedicated to exploring the scientific issues that loom large in newspapers and in your life. Here, kids will find punchy stories containing drawings, photos, quizzes and contests. The Why Files isn't for the weak of heart, however. In addition to Monarch butterflies and low-fat diets, you'll be investigating plane crashes, radiation, volcanoes and forest fires. And what science Web site would be complete without a story about life on Mars? There's even a weekly Cool Science Image. Science has never been this much fun! Ready to learn and laugh at the same time? Carry your telescope over to http://whyfiles.org.

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When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. What is a long distance boomerang called?

Tri-blader boomerang
Hook boomerang
Traditional V boomerang
2. What three parts does a Renassance Faire consist of?
Acting, Singing and Dancing
Food, Plays and Comedies
Craft fair, historical reenactment and performance art
3. At the Why Files, the volcano Krakatau made an explosion like how many atomic bombs?
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Dear Amy: How does a computer talk to another computer on the Internet? -- Alexa, Lakeland, FL

Dear Alexa: The Internet is a huge international network made up of lots of smaller networks. What makes the Internet work is that all the computers on these networks can talk to each other if they use the same language. The language is called TCP/IP protocols. Because they use the same language, they all can exchange data. Data can be the words and pictures you see on a Web page. For example, when you click on a link or enter a URL into your Web browser software, you send a message to a host computer on the Internet. The host computer, sometimes called a server, responds by sending back the Web page you requested.

Dear Amy: I got a computer for Christmas, but my mom won't let me get any games. What do you think I should do? -- Adam , Jerome, ID

Dear Adam: Games are awesome, but there is a lot more you can do with your computer than fire off virtual bullets by hammering on the space bar. I'm sure your mom will let you surf the Web to learn about things you are really interested in. I bet you won't be bored if you go to Cockroach World at http://yucky.discovery.com/flash/roaches. If you need some starting places, go to Yahooligans at http:// kids.yahoo.com and search out a topic.

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