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Math isn't Scary -- Monsters Make it Fun
Monster math uses synthesized speech (in Spanish and English) to review simple math concepts such as counting, addition and multiplication. Check out these funny monsters with your little sister or brother and help the monsters figure out how many arms, legs, eyes, heads and fingers they have. You may have to download some plug-in's to hear the sound if you have a Mac, but it's worth the time. Monster Math was designed by teacher Tracy Lieberman, an elementary school teacher at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York and she promises to provide new stories on a regular basis. So add www.lifelong.com/ CarnivalWorld/ MonsterMath/ MonMathHP.html to your bookmarks and head for the Monster party! (This site is no longer available.)

That's a smart machine
If your tired of taking out the trash or doing the dishes, register at the Computer Museum (you can use a nickname) and learn the basics of designing a robot to do those boring chores. Unfortunately, before your robot can tackle cleaning up your room, you'll have to design one that explores the surface of Mars or hunts for sunken treasure. Cool enough? There's plenty more to do at www.mos.org/tcm/tcm.html like learn about networks, the Internet and the history of computers. For example, if you think your computer is old, take a look at the UNIVAC made in 1951. It's as big as your living room and cost about a million dollars! The computer you're using right now sits on your desk and is thousands of times faster! (This site is no longer available.)

Your mission: Search the Oceans for Lots of Cool Stuff
Are alligators sneaky? What fish can keep one eye out for food and the other eye out for danger? How did the Mosquitofish get its name? Take a virtual dive into the Florida Aquarium at www.flaquarium.org and learn the answers to these and other questions as you explore the deep, blue wonders of Florida's ocean environment. Conduct experiments like making a hydrometer or comparing freshwater to saltwater and then head for the play pond and match critters or take a quiz about the stuff you've learned. Finally, if things about Florida's ocean life still seem murky, visit the answer tank and ask an expert at the Florida Aquarium.

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest/.

When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. The Computer Museum collection dates back how many years?

5 years
12 years
50 years
2. Jewfish live in which habitat?
Bays and Beaches
Coral Reef
3. How many red eyeballs are on the Monster Math logo?
This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest/.

Dear Amy: Can computer viruses get to my PC? --Daniel, Richmond, KY.

Dear Daniel: Your computer is safe from viruses if all you do on the World Wide Web is just surf around or read e-mail. Fortunately, downloading pictures or words is pretty safe too but look out if what you download is not what you expected. There is a chance you will contact a virus if you download something like an application or a program and then run it. So, be cautious if you are downloading a program from a person's Web site and not from a company--especially if they claim it does something that sounds too good to be true. For more information go to http:// isteonline.uoregon.edu/ istehome/ edtechnews/ antivirus/ Viruses.html. (This Web site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: What is Shockwave anyway? I see it mentioned on a lot of Web sites. Is it too big? --William, Pocatello, ID

Dear William: Shockwave is one of the latest plug-ins to deliver high quality sound and animation over the World Wide Web. It works with the newest Web browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer so you can do interactive things like play games over the Internet. Macromedia Shockwave players are free and available from http://get.adobe.com/shockwave. Before you download the plug-in go to the Help and Resources info to see if your computer has the capability to support it.

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