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Plimoth Plantation
Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation was the first permanent European settlement in southern New England. We know it as the site of the first Thanksgiving dinner and where the Pilgrims publically acknowledged their thanks for their well-being in this new land called America. Today, this area is the site of a living museum, dedicated to re-creating 17th-century lifeways in the New World. You can visit Plimoth Plantation at http:// spirit.lib.uconn.edu/ ArchNet/ Topical/ Historic/ Plimoth/ Plimoth.html and see how the Pilgrims and their Native American neighbors constructed their homes, grew crops and cooked their meals. (This site is no longer available.)

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Turkey Site
If you're talking turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, then here's your chance to help out in the kitchen. Dude, you can be like an electronic grandmother. Download some good, practical advice or print some delicious recipes. There's gravy for the potatoes, vegetable side dishes and, who could forget, dessert. Butterball Online at www.butterball.com is stuffed with entertainment ideas, too. There's a coloring page you can download, turkey trivia, and an audio clip of some real turkey gobbling. So, who's going to get the wishbone at your house?

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1. Trivia: What's the farthest anyone has gone to eat turkey ?

The Moon
2. When was Plimoth settled?
3. How far is it from Toas, NM, to Boise, ID?

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
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Dear Amy: For Thanksgiving we are going to visit my grandmother in Denver. My dad wants to drive and see the mountains. How far is it?--Eric, Phoenix, AZ.

Dear Eric: To find out how far it is to Grandmother's house, you can go to a Web site called "How far is it?" at www.indo.com/distance. It has over 500 cities in its database all around the world. It not only tells you how far (as the crow flies) but gives you latitude and longitude, population and more! After that you can choose more links to look at a map or to get driving details.

Dear Amy: I have looked at a lot of pages on the Internet about geology and rocks, but all of them are about stuff I am not interested in. Is this all there is?--Kris, Eau Claire, WI

Dear Kris: If you need to find out something specific, there are experts from the Amish to Zookeeping waiting to answer your questions. At "Ask an Expert" www.askanexpert.com/ p/ askexperts.html there are over 200 Web sites and e-mail addresses where you can find experts to answer your questions. Before asking a question, be sure to read "How do I use Ask-an-Expert?" Also, you should still visit the expert's site to look at what they have. Many of the experts have already posted previous quetions and responses. They are all volunteers and have many other responsibilities to attend to. You should ask questions only after you have tried your library, too. (This Web site is no longer available.)

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