Volume I, Issue 28, November 10, 1996
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The WebMuseum
The WebMuseum, Paris is open 24 hours every day for your viewing pleasure. In this museum you can step up close to the paintings and view them for as long as you like and there will never be a tourist bus full of people in your way. It houses hundreds of Europe's most famous paintings from the Gothic to Modern periods as well as paintings from countries like the U.S. and Japan. The paintings are in thumbnail size to load quickly, but you can click on them to see a larger version. If you want information for a school report or project, each page contains good descriptions of the artist, the painting and the period in which they lived. If you get tired of being inside, you can take a tour of Paris. Float down the river Seine and see the Eiffel Tower. You can see all of this and more when you visit the City of Light at WebMuseum, Paris at www.ibiblio.org/wm.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
If you are crazy about bugs, point your antenna and your favorite Web browser to Gordon's Entomological Home Page at www.earthlife.net/insects. You will find an on-line collection of all kinds of bugs, from spiders and insects to arthropods and mites. For some really buggy fun, visit the Insect Asides, where you will find unbelievable bits of bug trivia as well as insect recipes! Have a question that's been bugging you about these crawly, creepy creatures? Here, you can ask an expert anything bug-related. For those potential ant farmers out there, Gordon has provided a page on caring for the most easily cared for pets around-bugs! They are cheap to feed, easy to clean up after and they never bark! Of course, links to other bug-friendly sites abound, and there is even a Bug Club. So if you're batty about bugs, Gordon's bug pages are a must-see site on your next WWW journey. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

The Lemonade Stand
Remember the lemonade stand you set up last summer in your front yard? Like most kids, you probably made a few dollars and closed shop after a couple of days. But what if you were expected to turn it into a profitable business? That's your challenge at the virtual lemonade stand. Depending on the weather, advertising and your thirsty neighbors, you might turn into a juice giant or a sour fruit. Start squeezing at www.littlejason.com/lemonade. (This site is no longer available.)

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest.

When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. 1. When was the famous painter Paul Cézanne born?

2. How much does it cost to rent "The Lemonade Stand" per day?
3. How old is B.J. Pinchbeck?
This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest.

Dear Amy: How can I put a picture on my Web page? We don't have a computer lab at school.--Hanna, Rapid City, SD

Dear Hanna: Putting a picture on the Web takes a couple of steps. To get the picture into digital form so the computer can read it, you have to scan it. Look in the Yellow Pages for a copy store that has a scanner you can use or ask a camera store if they can make a photo CD-ROM from your pictures. Remember to have the picture scanned at 72 dpi so that it will download fast. Once the picture file is on your computer, you must convert it into one of the image formats so a Web browser can read it. The file formats are gif and jpeg. The software used to convert it is free and you can download it from ftp:// ftp.std.com/ ftp/ vendors/ mmedia/ lview/ lviewpro.zip if you have a PC or www.umich.edu/ ~archive/ mac/ graphics/ graphicsutil/ graphicconverter2. 2us.sit.hqx for Macs. Once the image is converted, add the HTML to your Web page and upload the image to your Web server. (These downloadable files are now outdated.)

Dear Amy: Everyone in my class has to choose a country and report on it. Can the Internet help?--Nathan, Portsmouth, NH

Dear Nathan: B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper at www.bjpinchbeck.com is great. You can find help with geography, math, science, grammar, history, current events and even medicine.

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