Volume I, Issue 26, October 27, 1996

Girl's World: The Web Clubhouse Just for Girls
For an incredible on-line experience, go to "the space where girls rule the place" at www.agirlsworld.com the Girl's World Clubhouse. This home page is hopping, and you don't have to wear a dress-this place is for girls of the '90s! There is so much to do, you could stay for days. Make new friends, get to know women with dynamite careers, find directions for neat stuff you can make and lots more! Girls are in the Clubhouse, waiting for you to come share your thoughts on a million different subjects. Type in your opinion on a hot topic, and then take a peek at the Clubhouse girls' secret diaries. Give a little advice-what would you do if it were you? So go, girl, and have a blast at the place "where it's cool to be a girl!" (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Experience High School Life in Kobe, Japan
Hop on a flight to Kobe on your favorite Web browser and visit students from Akatsukayama High School at http:// www.kobe-cufs.ac.jp/ kobe-city/ information/ education/ akatsuka/ home.html Tour the school, learn about Kobe, read and respond to messages and check out what these students are up to. Be sure to click on the what's new link and to sign the guestbook. (This site is no longer available.)

Is your school's Web page really cool? Nominate it, or any other neat site, by going to www.4Kids.org/nominations Maybe your school will be the next 4Kids Cool School Site!

(This site is no longer available.)

The Mysterious and Unexplained
Enter the world of The Mysterious and Unexplained at www.activemind.com/Mysterious Search for mysterious creatures, examine unexplained powers and investigate legends of ancient lost lands. This Web site is dedicated to all that is mysterious and unexplained. It can be your launching pad for a serious investigation of the unknown. Are you fascinated by Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Do you wonder why Stonehenge or the Sphinx were built? Does the idea of lost fortunes in buried treasure tantalize you? Have you ever considered whether Plato's tale of Atlantis is true? Do you think we're alone in the universe, or are there other intelligent beings out there? What do you think? If you have an opinion, a theory or further evidence, you are encouraged to submit them. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest/.

When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. In which area is Akatsukayama High School located?

2. What is everyone searching for on mysterious Oak Island?
3. Who are the hosts of the Girl's On-line Clubhouse?
Jenny, Wendy, Cori, and Heather
Amy, Rachel, Geri, and Tessa
Patty, Sarah, Linda, and Laura

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest/.

Dear Amy: It took a long time to download a sound file from a site on the World Wide Web, and when it finished I couldn't play it. What can I do? --Daryll, Westborough, MA

Dear Daryll: When you click on a sound link, you ask the server computer to send you a sound file. They can be really huge. The Web site should tell you the size of the sound file right next to the link. If you use a modem, choose sound files smaller than 200K. Once you get the file, you will need a helper application like Sound Machine for Mac or WHAM for PCs. Many Web sites that include sounds have links to places where you can download the helper application for free. Shareware applications that I use are: Sound Machine for Mac: ftp:// ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu/ Mosaic/ Mac/ Helpers/ sound-machine-21.hqx or WHAM for Windows: ftp:// gatekeeper.dec.com/ pub/ micro/ msdos/ win3/ sounds/ wham133.zip. (These downloadable files are now outdated.)

Dear Amy: Our school is holding a presidential election but is there a place to see what other high school students are thinking? --Samantha, San Diego, CA

Dear Samantha: There is a place to vote not only for high school kids but for everyone who is under 18 at http:// www.dayton.com/ kidsnet/ election.html This Web site is a good place to educate yourself about the candidates and the electoral system. Tell your friends to cast their ballots, too. (This Web site is no longer available.)

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