.Volume I, Issue 24, October 13, 1996

Theodore Tugboat
Sail into the Big Harbour through the World Wide Web at www.theodoretugboat.com/start You will be greeted by the friendly smile of Theodore Tugboat, who likes to make friends with everyone. Take the illustrated, interactive story link and read about one of Theodore's experiences in the Big Harbour. Be prepared to do more than read! Theodore needs your help in deciding what to do next for the story to continue. Follow the links to learn more about all of Theodore's floating friends and how the harbour works. You can even download a coloring book page. Toot, toot! (This site is no longer available.)

Let Your Eyes Play Tricks on You
For some eye-straining fun, go to the Optical Illusions collection at www.lainet.com/illusions Your optical orbs will send messages sure to confuse, amuse and amaze you. Take in tons of mind-bending images like the duck. Wait-it's a rabbit! It's both! Is the Mystic wheel moving? Is it 3D? How do they do that? Find out, and then stump a parent. Ask one to assemble the Devil's Fork (pictured here). That should keep someone busy for a while! (This site is no longer available.)

Explore Earthlore
Take a trip through time and space to www.globalnet.net/ elore/ elore01.html Earthlore Explorations: The Story of Our World. The graphics here are great, giving you a front-row view of some of the world's most incredible sites. Find out about the mystery of Pharoah Akhnaton's tomb, tour the glorious Gothic cathedrals of Europe, and wander around Ireland, the Emerald Isle, rich in history and contemporary wonders. Begin your own journey of discovery into mysteries, myths and cultural legacies from around the globe, and take part in this on-line investigation into our world's history. All you need is a Web browser, curiosity and a desire to learn. May the electronic road rise to meet you as you take your virtual trip to the four corners of the Earth, past and present! (This site is no longer available.)

This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4Kids.org/kidquest/.

When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. Who is the Necker Cube illusion named after?

Louis Albert Necker
Jane Lois Necker
Herman John Necker
2. In the Irish flag, orange represents which culture?
3. Who does Theodore love to watch the sunrise with?
This 4Kids Detective game has expired.
To play the current Kid Quest Challenge, go to www.4kids.org/kidquest/.

Dear Amy: My friend Alison and I want to learn sign language. Where can we go on the Web? --Lisa, Fayetteville, AR

Dear Lisa: I found a good beginning place to learn sign language. Go to www.disserv.stu.umn.edu and take the Interactive Spelling Guide link. Click on a letter of the alphabet and you will see a picture of how to shape your hand to sign that letter. I learned how to sign my name. You can also learn all about Braille, and take a finger spelling quiz. (This site is no longer available.)

Dear Amy: How does the Internet work and where does it get all its information? --Marcia , Danube, MN

Dear Marcia: The Internet is really lots of networks connected together. When you dial in with your modem, you get connected to the Internet, too. Server computers are waiting for you on these networks. Server computers let you connect to them and get their files. People put files on these computers (this is called uploading) so that the files can be downloaded or sent down to your personal computer. When the files are on the server, it's called a database of information. So all that information is out there just waiting for you to call.

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