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Which aircraft was the first one built specifically for a president?
Boeing TC-132C
Boeing VC-137C
Boeing TS-145C
What are Mammoth Cave’s walls made of?

Who is the
author of
“Fables in Verse”?
William Fontana
Albert Einstein
Abraham Aesop

Air Force

BoeingThe National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, nmusaf
, introduces notable aircraft, history and a virtual tour of the facility. Select the Early Years on the Map and view the gallery of airplanes used before the Air Force was officially designated as a military branch. Watch “Whence We Came” to learn how World War I changed the U.S. philosophy on strategic air warfare. In “Faces of the Holocaust,” the liberators describe what they found in the WWII concentration camps. During the Korean War, advances in air evacuations made survival possible for many wounded soldiers.

Play Sky Chase
Sky Chase

Enter the Cave

Mammoth CaveDid you know that the largest cave system in the world is in Kentucky? Take an Electronic Field Trip to Mammoth Cave, tinyurl.com/y7usqyhq. Discovered by prehistoric American Indians more than 2,000 years ago, the cave is visited by thousands of people each year. Park rangers take you deep into the cave and share its history, geology and the unique animals that reside there. Examine the ways in which new passages are created, and the important element that plays a key role in their expansion. Can you guess how many feet deep this cavern is? Learn about the more than 52,000-acre park that is home to the cave.

Rare Books

BookHave you ever seen a book that is hundreds of years old? Enter the Rare Book Room, rarebookroom.org, a collection of 400 works of literature gathered from the great libraries of the world. Each book has been converted to a digital copy so you can examine its details up close. Visit Children’s Literature and see the stunning illustrations of Alice and her colorful friends in Wonderland. Although William Shakespeare’s plays were written in the 1600s, beautifully preserved copies are available for you to peruse. See original works of composers Beethoven and Mozart in Music. Take note of the libraries that house the original works – perhaps you can visit them one day!

Speak Out

Do you live in an area that has caves? What do you know about them?

Speak Out Here!

History Research

At least once during the school year you will get an assignment that requires you to choose an important person in history to write about. Whether it’s a book report or a presentation, it is a good idea to have some sites bookmarked to help you make your decision about a subject and in your research.

Keep in mind that the person you choose does not have to be someone you learned about in your history book; he or she could be a person you have something in common with, such as a famous Olympic athlete or a favorite author. Here are some sites we recommend:

Academy of Achievement

Encyclopedia of World Biography

Library of Congress


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