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What is the scientific name for Giant Kelp?
Macrocystis pyrifera
Macrocystis plantus
Macrocystis kelpsis
What types of projects were completed under Useful Arts?
Teaching music and art
Designing posters and writing children’s books
All of the above

What types of study guides are available on this site?
Plays and poetry
Films and Shakespeare
All of the above

Citizen Science

Floating ForestCalling all scientists! Your help is needed for an important project called Floating Forests, www.floatingforests.org. Satellites have taken millions of images of the ocean since 1984, but unfortunately, satellites cannot see Giant Kelp, which is crucial for healthy marine ecosystems. Scientists want to identify changes in these underwater forests, but they need help from citizens to examine the images and mark the kelp. Select Get Started for a short tutorial, then learn to identify kelp, clouds and faulty images that you will mark and submit for review in Start Hunting.

Play Puppy Chase
Puppy Chase

Depression Era Arts

New Deal ArtThe economic impact of the Great Depression on American life is well documented. A New Deal for the Arts, tinyurl.com/ycwsmgq7, explores the government initiative that employed artists, photographers, performers and others to promote their creative work. The program saved thousands from poverty and gave people across the country a chance to see original works of art and participate in art and music classes. In Rediscovering America and Celebrating “the People,” photographers captured daily American life. The work of these artists will broaden your perspective of this significant time.

Study Literature

Book RagHow frequently are you assigned a book to read for a class? As you know, reporting on various types of literature and being tested on, presenting or discussing what you’ve read is inevitable! BookRags, bookrags.com, was created to give students a place to go for help when studying for tests or assignments about many works of literature, such as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Giver” and hundreds more! The searchable database makes it easy to find useful guides about many different genres. You can even use this as a resource to search for a book to read. With your parent’s permission, Sign Up and begin using this valuable study tool.

Speak Out

What is your favorite app
for homework help?

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Study Apps

Do you ever have trouble finding new high-quality apps? There are thousands of apps available for study, homework help and research. Many students have mobile devices that make it handy to complete tasks on the go.
Fortunately, there are many websites whose purpose is to find the best apps available for you to download. Listed below are just a few sites dedicated to reviewing and rating apps for quality.

Best Apps for Kids

Educational AppStore

Common Sense Media: Best Apps for Kids



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