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In what year did the first recorded Thanksgiving take place?
What was unique about the 1932 parade?
Sound effects
Acrobats performed
Celebrities joined the parade

What term describes the underground level at which the soil becomes saturated with water?
Stream bed
Water table
Sea level

The First Thanksgiving

CornLearn about the First Thanksgiving at National Geographic for Kids, tinyurl.com/ycw4f5ya. This harvest celebration by the English Puritans who settled Plymouth Colony and the native Wampanoag people began with a deer hunt to provide meat for a three-day feast. What kinds of foods did they eat at that first meal? What we know as Modern Thanksgiving started to evolve in the 19th century. Find out which president declared it a holiday, and read about Thanksgiving Traditions. Which ones do you and your family observe? Take the Turkey Day Quiz. Now learn 8 Reasons To Be Thankful You’re You!

Play Jet Ski Addition
Jet Ski Addition

Thanksgiving Parades

ParadeThe annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, macys.com/social/parade, is enjoyed by millions, both in person and on television. The primary purpose of the parade is to kick off the Christmas season. You can watch videos and images from parades dating back to the 1920s. Listen to details about themes, people and creative artists who designed the floats that have mesmerized millions for nearly a century. Find out how World War II affected the parade in the 1940s. Because of a helium shortage in the 1950s, Macy’s had to find another way to keep floats in the air – can you guess what they used?

Environmental Challenges

EnvironmentThe National Museum of the American Indian examines American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges, nmai.si.edu/
. Select a tribe to learn about its people, homeland, strategies for protecting natural resources and future plans. The Akwesasne Mohawk people are basketweavers who use black ash trees, but the trees are becoming scarce. Watch the videos and complete the activities to learn what they are doing to protect this valuable tree. The Campo Kumeyaay Nation is trying to restore water to an area affected by more than a century of cattle grazing. See strategies they used to restore the damaged wetlands.

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Community Projects

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday, partly because it means getting together with family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal. It’s also a time when many families find ways to help others in their community who struggle to provide basic necessities for their families. Here are a few websites with activities you and your family and friends can participate in this holiday season, and throughout the year, to help those in need.

7 Thanksgiving Projects to Help Your Community

Community Service Ideas for Families

35+ Service Projects for Kids

Community Service Ideas for Kids


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