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Which 3D figure has a circular shape and one vertex?
Which superpowers participated in the Cold War?
United States and Soviet Union
United States and Japan
United States and Germany

Who was Bessie Coleman?
First Congresswoman
First Female Sharpshooter
First African American Pilot


GeometryDo you think math is fun? You will when you visit Math-Play’s Geometry Math Games, math-play.com/
, and learn to master angles, shapes and theorems. In 2D Shapes, score points for correct answers in a game-show environment. Classifying Geometric Figures requires quick thinking to identify and place 2- and 3-dimensional pictures in the correct basket. Do you know your Types of Polygons? You have only 30 seconds to unscramble the name of each one! Knowledge of Basic Shapes is an essential skill in geometry; see if you can name all six.

Play Dolphin Dash
Dolphin Dash

Create a Magazine

JukeboxReady for an awesome history project? Learning Liftoff presents Magazine Maker, tinyurl.com/y9u83kho, an interactive tool that uses the history of the 1950s. Select from topics such as Automobiles and the Highway System or The Birth of Rock n’ Roll. Once you pick your topics, begin to build your publication. You will have images to choose from to enhance your pages, and the chance to write the articles yourself! Fact sheets are provided to help you research your topics. Once you’ve completed your project, print and share it with friends and family.

Strong Girls

Mighty GirlA Mighty Girl, amightygirl.com, was created to provide examples of strong, confident girls in books, toys and films. The creators of the site want to inspire girls to follow their dreams. Do you enjoy reading? In Books, you’ll find a searchable database of more than 2,000 works, featuring historical and fictional characters with remarkable accomplishments. Many stories have been made into movies and animated features, from “The Hunger Games” to “Brave.” Find gift ideas for your next birthday party in Toys, Movies and Clothes. Explore the Character Collection’s strong women and girls in books, movies and films.

Speak Out

Have you used a video editing program?
If so, which one, and why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I want to create a music video to go along with my history presentation. Are there any resources you can recommend for video editing? — Henry C., West Plains,

Dear Henry: Video editing is a great skill to learn. Fortunately, there are several apps and software options you can download for free to help you with your project. The iMovie app can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad, and is a user-friendly way for kids to create great videos.

If you are searching for something that works on Android products, Magisto is a fun way to create musical movies with your photos and videos. You simply select the media and music, and the automatic editor does the rest.

If you are looking for desktop software, Windows Movie Maker is a popular choice. It’s free to download and simple to use. You’ll have more options using desktop software than you do with an app, so if you are searching for an option with more creative choices, this may be the one for you. Be sure to get a parent’s permission before you download any application!

For tips and tricks, check out Mini Movie Makers, minimoviemakers.com.


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