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What is the River Monster of the Desert?
Gila Monster
Lochness Monster
Snake Monster
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
July 4, 1776
July 4, 1779
July 4, 1881

Who is the only person to serve as both head of the CIA and president of the United States?
John F. Kennedy
George H.W. Bush
Franklin Roosevelt

Menu for Your Mind

BugzFeed Your Mind at the Imagination Cafe, imagination-cafe.com. Check the Weekly Special for new fiction by readers, and if you’re Hungry for More, try Sports, Science, History and Health. Extra Help-ings serves up topics from School Strategies and Homework Help to opportunities to help others. Visit the Tip Jar to see book and movie reviews and even submit your own. What did Will Smith do before he was a star? Find out in Before They Were Famous, in Career-O-Rama, then explore careers and interviews with real people in a variety of professions.

Play Orbit Integers
Orbit Integers

Revolutionary History

Crossing the DelawareLiberty! The American Revolution, pbs.org/ktca/liberty, is a closer look at the events that led colonists to rebel against Great Britain. Dig deeper than your history book as you read the headlines in Chronicle of the Revolution. Explore the news articles and select key terms to find out important facts. In Perspectives on Liberty, you will see conflicts from the viewpoints of the colonists, other countries and the military. Whom would you have sided with? Now that you have done the research, try to master the Road to Revolution Game, a quiz about key events from this period in U.S. history.

Tour the CIA

Nathan HaleHave you ever wanted to take a peek inside one of the government’s most top-secret campuses? Then take a photo tour of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), cia.gov/about-cia/headquarters-tour/headquarters-photo-tour. Stories, facts and details about each part of the building are shared as you navigate the tour. See the contents of the time capsule housed behind the Original HQ Building Cornerstone and find out which president put it there. Can you guess the name of the man whose statue stands guard on the Grounds of the Agency? Learn the famous quote that helped him earn that honor. Find out what symbol represents officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Speak Out

If you could choose a career today,
what would it be? Why?

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Dear Amy: My history teacher assigned a research paper that is due at the end of the semester. It is worth 25 percent of my grade. Do you have any advice on how I can do well? — Travis E., Helena, Montana

Dear Travis: The first step to writing a good research paper is choosing your topic. Once you have done that, you can begin your outline, which is an organized plan for your paper. It’s a great way to stay focused in your research.

For instance, if you are doing a paper about geneticist Barbara McClintock, your outline might begin with when and where she was born. You could then talk about what her life was like as a child and what influenced her to choose her career path. As you create your outline, you might think about what you would want to know about this famous person.

Once your outline is complete, you can use a variety of sources to find answers to your questions. The local library is a terrific resource. Also, if your subject is an important historical figure, there will be a website that provides information about his or her life. For more details about each step of the writing process, visit Scholastic’s Writing Workshop, tinyurl.com/2hvw2j.


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