Week of September 17, 2017
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What is the meaning behind the vegetables used for team names?
The authors are chefs.
They are healthy.
They are a safety feature.
Who wrote the “Silence Dogood” letters?
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin

What is Dr. Stripp also known as?
The Chicken
The Mighty Duck
The Scrambler Supreme

Play to Learn

FactileIntroduce some fun and games to class presentations with Factile, playfactile.com. The next time you are assigned an oral report about a historical figure or era, add a game to the end and find out how well your audience was listening. For instance, if your presentation is about Thomas Edison or Ben Franklin, you could create a quick Factile game about inventors for the class to participate in at the end of it. This game works like “Jeopardy!” where teams select a category and answer questions. Sign up for a free account and create your own games, or Search through Public Games.

Play Giraffe Pull
Giraffe Pull

Founding Fathers

Founding FathersThe National Archives created Founders Online, founders.archives.gov, a unique collection of documents written by our Founding Fathers. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are just a few of the familiar names you’ll find in this resource. Many of these men were friends and corresponded with each other. Read through their letters, journal entries and articles to find out more about them. Move beyond the history books to discover the brilliant leaders whose ideas formed our government. Find out which of the Founding Fathers secretly wrote for The New-England Courant.

Reading Games

Word WrestlerAre you ready to become a World Champion Word Wrestler? Professor Garfield’s Reading Ring, professorgarfield.com/Reading
, is a contest of strategy utilizing a popular comic strip. It’s up to you to decide the correct order of events in each strip. Comic panels are mixed up and you must read the characters’ dialogue for clues about what’s happening in the story. It’s trickier than it looks! Once you put the frames together in the proper order, earn points for answering questions correctly. See if you can last all five rounds against Dr. S. If you win, you’ll earn your own gold championship belt buckle that you can print out to keep.

Speak Out

Will you be entering a science fair this year? If so, what is your project?

Speak Out Here!

Science Experiments

If you are in fourth, fifth or sixth grade, you might be participating in a science fair this year. It’s never too early to start thinking about creating an award-winning project to enter. Opportunities to find an interesting experiment for a science project are endless.

Science is such a broad area, encompassing everything from technology to weather, and fortunately there are many resources you can use to help in your search. Here are just a few to check out now, so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

Google Science Fair

Science Buddies

VanCleave’s Science Fun

Science Bob


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