Week of August 6, 2017
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How long will the total eclipse last?
Less than 1 minute
Less than 2 minutes
Less than 3 minutes

What did the soldier Madya believe was the cause of the eclipse?
An earthquake
His prayer
A battle

What city is hosting the “Music City
Solar Eclipse”?

Total Solar Eclipse

eclipseOn August 21, North America will experience a total solar eclipse from coast to coast, eclipse2017.nasa.
, for the first time in 99 years. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the Earth and sun, its shadow completely blocking the sun. To learn why this event is so important, watch NASA EDGE Solar Eclipse 2017 Preview. Next, visit Eclipse 101 for Eclipse Maps, to see if it will be visible near you, and how to view it safely. Visit Activities to participate in Science Challenges and learn how to make a Solar Viewing Projector.

Play Kitten Hop
Kitten Hop

Mythology of Eclipses

mythologyEclipses have occurred since the beginning of time. Today we understand their causes, but centuries ago people explained them in stories. Join storyteller Jordan Hill, sunearthday.
, who interprets myths and beliefs about eclipses. Arakho swallows the sun and moon from time to time. People of West Africa tell a story of two mothers who want peace for their families. Read more about Kuiyecoke and Puka Puka. Horus and Seth were Egyptian gods fighting for the same throne – see how that explains a solar eclipse.

William Shakespeare

Plan your eventCelebrate the 2017 solar eclipse by participating in local festivals, tours and events along its path. The American Astronomical Society and the National Science Foundation have partnered to bring you Tours and Travel Opportunities, eclipse.aas.org/resources/
, to make this a memorable event for you and your family. Enjoy the eclipse on a river cruise from Nashville to St. Louis. Looking for an adventure? The Girl Scouts are hosting Eyes to the Sky, a camping trip in South Carolina. You can also find Total Solar Eclipse Festivals and Public Events in various states in the path of the eclipse.

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Where will you be viewing the
upcoming solar eclipse?

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Safely Viewing an Eclipse

Your parents have probably told you never to look directly at the sun. The reason for this is that you can cause permanent damage to your eyes, even blindness, in just a few seconds, because the sun’s rays are so bright. While sunglasses can provide adequate protection for a sunny day, they are not safe for viewing an eclipse.

You should also never use binoculars or look into the lens of a telescope to view an eclipse. Fortunately, eclipse glasses can be purchased online or at a local museum.

What makes eclipse glasses so special? Their lenses contain filters that are thousands of times darker than sunglasses. In fact, the lenses are so dark that the only thing you can see with them is the surface of the sun. The only time it is safe to remove these glasses is for the brief period that the moon entirely covers the surface of the sun. Just before any part of the sun becomes visible again, you should put your solar glasses back on.

Visit Total Eclipse 2017: When, Where and How to See it (Safely), tinyurl.com/ycxxsy3j, for more details.


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