Week of July 23, 2017
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What does ZIP stand for?
Zone Indicator Plan
Zone Interior Postage
Zone Improvement Plan

Where is the world’s most active volcanic zone located?
Ring of Fire
Bermuda Triangle

What materials were used to make Galileo’s telescopes?
Wood & Leather
Gold and silver
All of the above

Post Office

dick tracyThe Postmaster’s Challenge, postal
, was created by the Smithsonian Postal Museum to test your knowledge about the U.S. Postal Service. Each correct answer is worth from 1,000 to 1 million credits. Think carefully, because a wrong answer will send you back to the beginning. If you get into a bind, ask the Postal Clerk for assistance. Do you know why the mailman rang the doorbell twice, or who was the first woman to be featured on a stamp? You’ll need to know these and other facts to win this game. Once you’re ready to play, be prepared to answer quickly and beat the timer!

Play Puppy Pull
Puppy Pull

Virtual Volcanoes

volcanoHave you ever wondered what the inside of a
volcano might look like? Discovery Kids presents VolcanoExplorer, discovery
, about different types of volcanoes and how they form. As you study the revolving globe, you’ll see that most active volcanoes are found along tectonic plate boundaries. Learn about the three main types of volcanoes: stratovolcano, cinder cone and shield. Which type is Earth’s largest? Now look Inside a Volcano to see where lava originates. Build a Virtual Volcano and watch it erupt, by setting the viscosity and gas conditions.

Scientific History

Pendulum ClockDo you enjoy traveling to see unusual things? If so, this virtual trip to Florence, Italy, will take you inside the Museo Galileo, catalogue.museogalileo.it, to view a collection of more than 5,000 scientific instruments. Enter Rooms and visit Galileo’s New World, where you will see two original telescopes built by the great scientist centuries ago, in 1609. See a pendulum clock designed by Leonardo da Vinci in Objects. Looking for something specific? Artifacts are arranged in alphabetical order so you can easily locate items of interest. Doing research on an Italian scientist? Check out Biographies and Videos by thematic area to help you gather your facts.

Speak Out

What goal have you set for
yourself this summer?

Speak Out Here!

Summer Goals

Did you know that it’s good to set goals for yourself even in the summer? Having time off from school gives you a chance to try new things. Would you like to learn to play a new sport? You don’t have to take a class or join a team — just invite a friend over to teach you, or you can learn together.

Maybe you want to take up a new hobby, such as photography, cooking or gardening. Your local library might offer free classes you can take in photography or another skill. You can also look up recipes that interest you and cook with your mom or dad at home. Check out The Kids Cook Monday, thekidscookmonday.org, for recipes to try out.

Summer is also a good time to make friends, whether you are swimming, hanging out at the park or even inviting a classmate you’d like to get to know better over to your house. You can use the last few weeks of summer break to make some fun memories of your time off. For more ideas, check out this Summer Bucket List, tinyurl.com/y76nn8ws.


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