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Which STEM skills does a Marine Biologist use?
Math and Statistics
Biology and Research
All of the above

How many pennies have been retired by the U.S. Mint?
100 thousand
100 million
100 billion

How far from a fireplace, wood stove or space heater should you keep
anything that can burn?
1 foot
2 foot
3 foot


Marine BiologistSTEM Learning presents See Where They Can Take You, stem.org.uk/elibrary/
, a collection of interviews with experts in fields related to science, technology, engineering and math. If you enjoy any of these subjects, you may want to explore occupations that utilize them to find a job that appeals to you. Meet a Digital Designer working on a project for the Royal Navy. Are you a talented video gamer? Behind the scenes, see what it’s like to be a Computer Games Developer. Next, head over to the Zoological Society of London and meet a Marine Biologist who works in the penguin exhibit.

Play Ducky Race
Division Derby

Visualize Money

PenniesCan you visualize what a trillion dollars would look like? The MegaPenny Project, tinyurl.com/
, uses pennies to represent large numbers so you can compare differences from One to One Quintillion pennies. As you navigate the project, you’ll be given the value, height, width, thickness, weight and area of each amount of pennies. Did you know that a stack of 10 million pennies would be nearly 10 miles high and weigh more than 31 tons? You’ll also learn facts such as which would weigh more, a blue whale or 100 million pennies. Find out how many pennies are currently in circulation in the U.S.

Fire Safety Game

Junior FirefighterTake the Kids Fire Safety Challenge, tinyurl.com/kp95ley, to find out if you know everything you need to know about how to stay safe during a fire and how to prevent fires at home. For instance, did you know that the average time you have to escape from a burning home is only two minutes? So you should never stop to gather your things or hide if there is a fire! Figure out an escape plan with your family in advance and meet at a designated area outside your home. To play the game, choose a topic and level, and answer the question. Earn points for correct answers. Get ready to have fun and stay safe during a fire. Share what you’ve learned with family and friends!

Speak Out

What fire safety procedures does your family have in place?

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Dear Amy: My family and I are going camping for the first time. Do you have any advice on how to stay safe and what to pack? — Janie Z., Tacoma, Washington

Dear Janie: Camping can be fun for the whole family if you follow some important safety precautions, especially if you’ll be in a wooded area.

Part of the fun of camping is cooking over an open fire, but to prevent forest fires, keep a few simple rules in mind. Before you build a campfire, make sure that the campground allows fires and that conditions are safe: Wind and dry vegetation make campfires too dangerous. Pick a sheltered spot at least 15 feet from trees, shrubs, low branches and your tent. Find out more at smokeybear.com/en/prevention-how-tos/campfire-safety.

If it’s your first time camping, you may be wondering what to pack. You will need certain items for outdoor lodging. A tent, sleeping bags, sunscreen, pillows, daypacks, folding chairs, flashlights and a water filter or treatment tablets are a few of the essentials.

Make sure you have everything you need by checking out the recommendations at Camping Checklist, rei.com/learn/expert-advice/family-camping-checklist.html.


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