Week of June 11, 2017
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How large is Yosemite National Park?
500 square miles
1,000 square miles
2,000 square miles

What are the main crops in Hawaii?
Pineapple and sugarcane
Avocados and mango
Coconuts and grapefruits

How can we combat the Heat Island Effect?
Plant grass
Plant plants and trees
All of the above

Explore the Park

YosemiteYosemite National Park was established in 1890. Tour of Yosemite Valley, tinyurl.
, is a virtual look at its beautiful sights. Located in California, Yosemite is considered one of the world’s best rock-climbing destinations and is home to the highest waterfall in North America. Watch Experience Your Yosemite to see giant sequoias, the world’s biggest trees. Long before it became a national park, Native Americans called Yosemite home. Visit People to learn more. Watch the fearless Dean Potter climb formidable El Capitan. For more adventures, check out Half Dome.

Play Ducky Race
Ducky Race

Protect Marine Life

TurfMuttOcean Defender, ocean
, is an organization in Hawaii dedicated to educating people about preserving ocean life. Check out Join Us for tips on how you can help protect sea creatures by taking simple steps such as using reusable water bottles and eco-friendly products, and conserving water. In Education, watch the ODF Video Series and learn how to respect sea turtles while snorkeling. Ocean Defender’s founder shares why several species of marine life, such as endangered sea turtles, depend on coral reefs for survival in the Reef Project. Visit the Kids area in Blogs and More to find easy ways to help.

Living Landscapes

TurfMuttDo you know what a living landscape is? Look right in your own backyard! TurfMutt & the Outdoor Powers, scholastic.com/turfmutt/
, want you to take good care of the green spaces you enjoy playing in. Read TurfMutt’s True Story to find out how this adventure began. Did you know that grass can be more than 31 degrees cooler than sidewalks and streets on a hot day? The Heat Island Effect explains how to create a healthy and cool backyard area for your favorite furry friends and family. Download fun outdoor activities when you visit On Your Turf. Play Climate Quest and travel around the country to explore its variety of landscapes.

Speak Out

Do you plan to visit a national park this summer? If so, which one?

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For Cleaner Beaches

Did you know that millions of tons of plastic bottles, trash and pollutants are dumped into the ocean each year by people all over the world? Ocean pollution is an issue we all need to be concerned with. It affects the health and safety of our environment and marine life. Everyone who visits beaches or inland waterways can do their part by throwing trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers.

Besides individual efforts, there are some companies committed to cleaning up oceans in innovative ways. Norton Point, nortonpoint.com/pages/about-us, has created a line of sunglasses made with salvaged ocean plastic and plant-based materials. Each pair of sunglasses represents 1 pound of plastic removed from the ocean.

Another company, 4Ocean, https://4ocean.com/pages/our-clean-ups, specializes in offshore and coastal beach cleanup. Picking up your trash after a day at the beach prevents polluting items from entering the ocean. If you’re going to the beach this summer, you can do your part by encouraging friends and family to keep our environment clean.


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