Week of June 4, 2017
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What is the Spanish word for “nephew”?

How did Tyler become a millionaire?
Fixing computers
Fixing bikes
Fixing cars

How long has the djinni been trapped in the bottle?
500 years
1,000 years
10,000 years

Learning Spanish

HelloDo you ever have trouble remembering what you learned in Spanish class? Keep your vocabulary fresh over the summer when you play Spanish Word Bingo, tinyurl.com/zgdxx9f, created by ABCya. Select from 11 word groups including animals, clothing, sports, people and transportation. Next, choose a grid from simple to challenging and start playing. Each board contains either Spanish or English words that you listen to, and select the translations for, on your game board. Once you complete a game, you get a Score Report with specific details about words you got right and wrong.

Play Alien Addition
Alien Addition

Start a Business

EntrepreneurAre you an entrepreneur? All Terrain Brain, allterrain
, is the place to find out how to turn a great idea into a business. With parental permission, register for a free account. Once you log in, take a tour of the program to learn how to access the games, animated features and activities. After the tour, head over to ATB TV and select a topic. In Be an Entrepreneur, you will watch an animated movie, find inspiration in Biz Buzz, Design a Flyer for your own business and earn your official ATB license. Ready for some creative fun? Visit Activities and access the awesome tools to build your business.

Crack the Code

DecoderThe CryptoClub Project, cryptoclub.org, is a unique way to improve your problem-solving skills. When you use a cellphone or a computer, your passwords and private information are often encrypted. Cryptography is the science of deciphering codes or secret messages. Check out the Encrypting and Decrypting Tools in Ciphers to encrypt words. Think you have it figured out? Visit the Message Board in Challenges and use the Cracking Tools to figure out how to read a message without the key. Uncover the secret password to release the djinni from the magic bottle when you play Desert Oasis Treasure Hunt in Games.

Speak Out

Do you think you’ll spend any time on academics this summer? Why or
why not?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Before the school year even ended, my teacher said that we should spend some time studying over the summer to prepare for the next school year. Is that really necessary? — Zachary R., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dear Zachary: It is widely agreed that students benefit from some academic activity during summer break, but that doesn’t mean you have to study all summer. Visiting the library and choosing books just for fun is a great way to keep up your reading skills and try different genres of literature. This can give you a head start on book reports next term or just keep your comprehension skills from getting rusty.

If you struggled with math, spelling or typing during the school year, Arcademic Skill Builders, arcademics.com, has a wide variety of free online games to help you better your performance in those areas. The games are in an arcade environment, and many are available in a multiplayer format, if you like competition.

While you need not plan to do hours of worksheets and homework, it is good to find fun ways to keep your academic skills up over the summer so you’ll have a strong start to the next school year.


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