Week of May 7, 2017
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What is a “clique”?
A computer mouse
A class in middle school
Groups with common interests

What is the concept of contiguity?
Each district must be one continuous shape.
No land islands are allowed.
All of the above

Who was
An Egyptian soldier
Officer of King Tutankhamen
King Tutankhamen’s brother

Middle School

Middle SchoolLeaving elementary school can be a big transition. PBS Kids’ It’s My Life presents Middle School: Movin’ On Up, pbskids.org/itsmylife/
, a guide for what to expect your first year. First, remember that middle school is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Students from different elementary schools come to one middle school, so everyone feels like a new kid and everyone is going through the same changes. Meet Stan and Sarah, who share their perspectives and what made them nervous at first. Next, read A Principal’s Advice for success. Pick up helpful tips From the Mentors.

Play Giraffe Dash
Giraffe Dash

Impact of Voting Districts

US RepresentativesIn the United States, elected representatives serve geographical areas called districts, and their boundaries can have a great impact on election results. The ReDistricting Game, redistrictinggame.org, is a series of missions in which you are the mapmaker, drawing the lines defining district boundaries. You must consider many factors before you decide where to draw the lines. Play the Game, selecting your mission. Learn the basics in Mission 1: Fundamentals. State representatives and the governor will give you feedback about your choices, but the courts will make the final determination.

The Mummy Maker

MummyHave you ever seen a real mummy in a museum exhibit? BBC introduces you to the ancient Egyptian process of embalming at The Mummy Maker, bbc.co.uk/history/interactive/
. In this interactive game, you are the assistant to chief embalmer Kha. The Egyptians believed that embalming would help protect the soul of the deceased in the afterlife. As Kha supervises, you will have a series of tools to choose from to complete each task. If you need clues, the cat Miuty will provide up to three. The entire process will take more than 40 days. Each step must be completed in precise order. If you are successful, Ramose will be judged to be a good man.

Speak Out

What is your favorite way
to stay fit over the summer?

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Stay Fit This Summer

Take advantage of upcoming warmer weather and make it a point to participate in healthy activities this summer. If you enjoy being outdoors, taking an evening walk or a bike ride with your family is a pleasant way to get exercise. Hiking local trails and natural areas is also an opportunity to learn about local plants and get great photos of any wildlife you encounter along the way.

Swimming, white-water rafting, paddle-boarding and water skiing are more strenuous activities for exercising your muscles. Get your family and friends involved so everyone can join the fun.

During the school year, many families are so busy with activities and homework, it can be difficult to eat healthily. Do you enjoy cooking? Check out Cook With Amber, cookwithamber.com, for nutritious smoothie and snack recipes to try over the summer. You may discover new favorites like Chocolate Peanut Butter Soft Serve or Grilled Fruit Skewers. If you make a habit of eating healthily over the summer, it can easily carry over into the next school year.


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