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Which author said, “Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer”?
Muhammad Ali
Jane Austen
J.K. Rowling

What is Fulgur’s job?
Protect wildlife
Protect the Sanctuary of Knowledge
Protect Plants

Which British law taxed colonists for printed documents?
The Newspaper Act
The Stamp Act
The Ink Act

Read Online

Girl ReadingThousands of free online books are just a click away at Read Print, readprint.
. Choose from a collection of Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Plays and Short Stories. Each work has a brief description and review, and some have a short biography of the author. Find quotes, books and detailed information about famous authors such as Jane Austen. Did you know that Mark Twain was born with a different name and had many jobs besides writing? He worked as a riverboat pilot, a printer and even a gold miner! Read any of the books online and create a themed list of your favorites.

Play Island Chase Subtraction
Grand Prix

Virtual Science

Forestia CharactersForestia, gameforscience.
, is
an interactive science game of challenges and simulation in a virtual forest. With parental permission, create a free account to begin. First, choose an island on the map to be transported to a new environment, games and challenges. At Entry Island, visit Science Café and learn about famous scientists like Marie Curie. Participate in discussions and exchange opinions with characters at different tables. Earn neurons for correct answers and talent$ for sharing your opinion. This game will provide hours of fun!

Live History

Thomas JeffersonBall State University invites you to experience history in the virtual board game Freedom in America, electronicfieldtrip.org/freedom/
. You have three game boards to master, beginning with the Colonial Edition. Once you complete a game, you earn a passcode to unlock the next one. Each space on the board represents a different historical challenge. For instance, if you land on a space about taxes, you will have to decide which items were assessed taxes by the British and which ones were not. Short narratives give you the background and history you need to solve each challenge and move on.

Speak Out

Are you attending camp this
summer? If so, which one?

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Plans for Summer

Have you ever attended a summer camp? There are camps available in communities across the country every year to match almost any interest. Whether it’s nature or a specific sport, you can find a camp for it. Theater, robotics, movie-making, chess, Minecraft, music and computer animation are all among the many available choices.

The following list can help you begin your research. Summer camp is a great place to meet new friends, learn new skills and, most important, have a lot of fun!

Summer Camps

American Camp Association

Kids Camps

50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S.


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