Week of April 23, 2017
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How does Creighton Brothers Farms protect its natural resources?
Manure Management System
Feed Mill System
Egg Delivery System

Why are tree roots shallow?
More water is available in shallow soil.
Many nutrients are available in shallow soil.
More oxygen is available in shallow soil.

What are two ways to show the parts of a whole?
Charts and graphs
Fractions and decimals
Pie charts and tables

Friendly Farms

FarmLearn how farms around the country help protect the environment at Education Station’s Good Egg Project Virtual Field Trip, educationstation.dis
. Take a journey from farm to table and meet the owner of Hertzfeld Poultry Farm to learn how he reduces his farm’s carbon footprint through the way it processes feed. A carbon footprint is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through the use of fossil fuels. Next stop is Creighton Brothers Farms, a family farm dating back to 1925, where you will learn about the Farm Food Web.

Play Island Chase Subtraction
Coconut Vowels

Tree Facts

TreesThe University of Illinois Extension presents Exploring the Secret Life of Trees, extension.illinois.edu/trees2, an interactive presentation that teaches what you never knew about trees. Have you ever wondered how trees manage to stay upright during a storm? A tree’s roots grow only about 2 feet deep into the ground, so how does that tree stay upright? You might be surprised to learn that trees balance in much the same way that people do. Try a simple experiment using your own feet and a friend to learn more. Can you name the functions of a tree root system in a simple quiz?

Math Magic

Magic MathFractions and decimals can be difficult to understand when they are introduced. Some learners need a little hands-on practice to see how math applies to real life. Enter Mendel’s Magic Math Market, e-learningforkids.
org/ math/lesson/magic-math-market
, where Mendel will guide you through the fun activities that will help you become a Master Mathemagician. Each step of this lesson requires you to use your magic wand to click on produce from the market to arrive at correct answers. First, determine how fractions are represented by pieces of fruit. Once you’ve mastered fractions, you’ll learn how to find the decimal that is equivalent to a given fraction.

Speak Out

In what ways do you think endangered ocean animals can be helped?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How many kinds of ocean animals are endangered, and how can kids help? — Natalie P., Olathe, Kansas

Dear Natalie: There are more than 2,200 species listed as endangered or threatened in the world. An animal is considered endangered if it’s likely to become extinct in all or most of its habitat. A threatened species is one that will likely become endangered.

The United States’ Endangered Species Act protects plants and animals, making it illegal to harm species on the list. Find endangered and threatened marine life at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries website, www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/species/esa.

Did you know that what goes down the drain at home eventually ends up in the ocean? Help by encouraging family and friends to replace harsh chemicals with environmentally friendly products. Plastic water bottles, bags and other trash often make their way to the ocean, killing birds, fish and other animals that mistake them for food. Reusable bottles and containers help reduce waste that ends up in the ocean. For more ideas, check out 5 Simple Things You Can Do for the Ocean, ocean.si.edu/ocean-news/5-simple-things-you-can-do-ocean.


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