Week of April 9, 2017
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How long are store-bought eggs fresh past the “Sell By” date?
3 to 5 days
3 to 5 weeks
3 to 5 months

Which math skill are you practicing in Brick Blaster 7?
Number facts
Place Value

What mission made John Glenn an
American hero?
First American to orbit the earth
First man to walk on the moon
First man to travel to space

Wasted Food

VeggiesDid you know that 40 percent of food purchased in the United States ends up in the trash? Save the Food, savethefood.com, helps consumers learn how to waste less. For example, strawberries spoil quickly, even in the refrigerator. Set aside what you are going to eat immediately, then freeze the rest for later. Learn more about the Art of Freezing in Tips. In Deciphering Dates on Products, read about Civil War-era canned foods found at the bottom of the Missouri River and learn what “sell by” dates really mean. Cook It provides recipes to use random items in your fridge. Learn to keep foods fresh longer in Store It.

Play Penguin Hop
Penguin Hop

Math is Fun!

MathMath may not seem easy or fun while you are working on your homework, but Pearson Education will help you enjoy it more at Maths Champs, mathschamps.co.uk. Bop a Bot when you click the correct answer for addition and subtraction practice. Type the right answer to destroy the rows of bricks as you master your multiplication facts in Brick Blaster 3. Are you ready to do some quick thinking? Rock and Roll-bot 3 needs your help to reach the exit in time. Multiply three-digit numbers by 10 to reach the next level. Multiple Match 1 challenges your knowledge of multiples of 11 and 12.


AstronautHave you ever wanted more information about someone you studied in history class? Turtle Diary, turtlediary.com/
, presents Biographies for Kids. Choose from Artists, Explorers, Writers, Scientists and more. People are often recognized for their significant contributions to society. Neil Armstrong is remembered as the first man to walk on the moon; he was also an Eagle Scout and a fighter pilot, and he had a degree in aeronautical engineering. Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his paintings, but did you know that he was also a scientist, engineer and inventor? Find out much more about his life in his biography.

Speak Out

What food goes to waste most
often at your house?

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Easter Traditions

One of many religious or secular observances that occur in spring, Palm Sunday is celebrated by Christians on the Sunday before Easter. Modern churches commemorate this day as the beginning of Holy Week.

Have you ever heard people say they were giving up something for Lent? This is a tradition that some religions observe as a time of sacrifice. People give up a favorite food or commit to taking time to help others, beginning 40 days before Easter.

You might be surprised to know that many countries celebrate Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, the day before Lent begins. This tradition got its start centuries ago, when people tried to use up certain ingredients in their pantries before Lent.

Many symbols associated with Easter have secular or pagan origins, such as rabbits, lambs, eggs and chicks, and flowers. Most of these symbols are linked to the idea of the renewal of life brought by spring.
What are your family traditions during this time of year? Read about Easter customs at Why Easter?, whyeaster.com/customs.


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