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Where and when did the first known polio outbreak occur in the U.S.?
New York 1916
Pennsylvania 1979
Vermont 1894

What is phishing?
A sneaky way of getting personal information
An online game
A research method

What legislation sparked immigration to the U.S. from all over the world?
Refugee Relief Act
National Origins Act
Immigration and Naturalization Act

Eradicating Polio

Polio VaccinePolio was a devastating infectious disease in the United States in the early 20th century, causing paralysis primarily in children under the age of 16. Whatever Happened to Polio?, amhistory.si.edu/
, looks at polio’s history and how it was eliminated in the U.S. In The American Epidemics, learn how polio affected communities, families and doctors. A vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk reduced the disease’s occurrence in the United States by nearly 90 percent in its first two years. Read The Virus and Vaccine to learn how we still benefit from the cure.

Play Kangaroo Hop
Kangaroo Hop

Surf Safely

FBI SOSIf you receive an email with an unkind message about a friend, what should you do? FBI Cyber Surf Islands, sos.fbi.gov, is where students in grades 3-8 can go to find out what to do if someone is being bullied online, how to conduct research responsibly and what to do about problems on social media. In Online Predators, Sarah receives a friend request from someone she doesn’t know. Does she make the right choice? Are you aware that a website should never ask you for personal information, like an address? In Privacy, learn how a science website for kids easily gains Angela’s personal information.

Ellis Island

Statue of LibertyScholastic invites you to discover Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today, teacher.scholastic.com/activities/immigration. Begin with the Historical Timeline of immigration to America, from the first explorers to modern times. You may be surprised to know that England was not the only country to settle in what is now America. While Jamestown is the most familiar settlement, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden also made early claims here. From 1892-1924, people who came to America from Europe passed through Ellis Island. Take A Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island and see what millions of people experienced upon their arrival in America.

Speak Out

What tip have you found most
helpful for managing your time?

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Manage Your Time

As a student, you have many responsibilities, including but not limited to studying for exams, writing papers, reading books for book reports, and completing projects and presentations. Outside of school you have family, sports, clubs and activities.

To be successful, the first thing you should do is find a place where you can study without distractions. Making a habit of turning off electronics during homework and study time can go a long way toward helping you complete tasks on time.

You can also keep a calendar to plan ahead and break the more time-consuming projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. For instance, if you have a book report due in three weeks and the book is 200 pages, you could read 10 pages a day starting now, so you will have plenty of time to write your report before it’s due. On days with no after-school activities, you can work ahead, then focus on other things on busier days.

Fortunately, there are many apps and resources online to help manage your time wisely. App Crawlr, appcrawlr.com/ios-apps/best-apps-homework-planner, provides a few options to consider.


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