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What is Frances Benjamin Johnston most often remembered for photographing?
George Dewey on his flagship Olympia
Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute
Washington D.C. Schools

What laws did Rosa Parks challenge?
School segregation
Bus segregation

Who was one of the first
educators to emphasize
exercise for women?
Mary Lyon
Catharine Beecher
Emma Willard

Notable Photography

TrolleyClio Visualizing History Photography Exhibits, cliohistory.org/exhibits, showcases a gifted American photojournalist. Frances Benjamin Johnston was one of the first women in America to earn distinction for her talent. When you examine her work, you will see how her photographs of groups captured detailed stories of American life. “Students Boarding Trolley” is one example, where each trolley window serves as a miniature portrait. Frances Allen and her sister Mary found inspiration for their work in small towns. Their extraordinary eyes rendered photographs of ordinary life into works of art.

Play Canoe Puppies
Canoe Puppies

Contributions From Women

Amelia EarhartThroughout history, remarkable women have contributed to science, government, art and design, and more. Congress passed a law designating March as Women’s History Month, womenshistorymonth.gov, in 1987. The Library of Congress has put together a list of Exhibits & Collections to give students a closer look at photographs, artifacts, historical sites and documents from important moments in women’s history. Click through a slideshow in Images and read the captions to see what each photograph represents. This site is a wonderful resource for photographs for a school project.

Women and Education

Women in EducationDid you know that colleges have not always admitted women? The History of Women and Education, nwhm.org/online-exhibits/education/1700s_1.htm, is a narrative of the U.S. educational system from Colonial Education until today. The 19th century was a period of great change for women in secondary education, sparked in part by the need for more teachers. The growth in school systems led to a shortage of 30,000 teachers in the 1830s, and most teachers at that time were men. Although it was initially faced with skepticisim, the solution to this issue was to hire women as teachers. Read about those who worked tirelessly to pioneer this effort as you examine the related timeline of events.

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Budget-Friendly Spring Break Ideas

Schools across the country take a few days off for spring break in March or April of each year. If your family is staying home for the upcoming break, you might be in search of a few ideas for enjoying the time off. The following websites provide some creative ways to have fun on a budget. Share them with your parents and friends, and enjoy!

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