Week of March 12, 2017
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What is it called when animals create their own light?

What type of engineer is Betsy Wilson?
Mechanical Engineer
Robotics Engineer
Telemetry Engineer

What is the theory of plate tectonics?
Surface of Earth is fixed
Surface of Earth is in constant motion
Surface of Earth is motionless

Deep Sea Creatures

OctopusDid you know that the deepest part of the ocean is more than 36,000 feet? The Smithsonian Institution’s Ocean Portal presents The Deep Sea, ocean.si.edu/
, a look at the creatures living in the dark waters miles below the ocean’s surface. Select Fascinating Animals in Diversity to watch a Deep Ocean Diversity Slideshow. In Research and Exploration, learn how scientists from 80 nations discovered 5,000 new species in a Census of Marine Life. In Tools and Technology, read about Underwater Vehicles like Jason ROV and Hercules ROV, which can withstand deep water’s temperature and pressure.

Play Elephant Feed
Elephant Feed

Careers in NASA

Neil ArmstrongDid you know that students write to NASA every day asking about requirements to work there when they grow up? NASA’s Student Career Corner, nasa.gov/
, answers these questions. Meet Katherine Johnson, a brilliant mathematician and “human computer” who graduated from college at age 18 and worked at NASA for 33 years. While the most well-known careers at NASA are astronaut and scientist, you might be surprised at the variety of professionals who conduct the work of the agency. Check out We Are the Martians to learn more.

Ocean Explorers

Science FairNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ocean Explorer goes deep under the sea in Multimedia Discovery Missions, oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/
. Watch a video about what causes 2,000 earthquakes and volcanoes annually in Plate Tectonics. Did you know that Earth’s largest mountain range is at the bottom of the ocean? Most volcanoes occur in Mid-Ocean Ridges. In Lesson 5, learn how Hydrothermal Vents allow the planet’s own heat to provide the power that sustains life on the ocean floor. Read about hurricanes, the largest storms on Earth, in Lesson 13.

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What was your favorite deep-sea creature
in the Diversity slideshow?

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Math and Space Travel

In the 1960s, America was racing to put a man into space, an endeavor that required much more technology than building rockets. Complex math problems and engineering issues had to be solved to keep astronauts safe from mechanical failures and the extreme temperatures of outer space.

We have always heard about the men in NASA’s space program, but only recently have we learned about the women who were integral to its success. The recent film “Hidden Figures” tells the story of women employed by NASA who helped make it possible for American astronauts to travel safely into space.

Mathematics, computer programming and engineering were not considered professions for women in the 1960s. However, the movie portrays women who excelled in mathematics from a very young age and used their knowledge to change the world.

While the U.S. was not the first country to put a man into space, American Neil Armstrong was first to walk on the moon, thanks in part to the remarkable women of NASA. Learn more at tinyurl.com/jtan6lb.


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