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What is a hemisphere?
Another planet
Half the earth
A continent

What is the correct pattern for building a nest?
There is no pattern
Weave over-under
Braid three strands

How does a writer capture a readerís attention?
Surprising fact or statistic, personal experience or story
Question or problem, historical background
All of the above

Geography Terms

GeographyHow well do you know your geography terms? The Five Themes of Geography, tiny
, is an interactive lesson that includes important terms, definitions, quizzes, games and flash cards. Begin by reading or listening to the terms and definitions. In Flashcards, graphics and short definitions will help you study. Learn provides clues and graphics to help you type the correct answers. Spelling is a traditional spelling test – listen to the word and type it. Try the timed Match game, or prevent asteroids from hitting the planets when you play Gravity.

Play Penguin Jump
Penguin Jump

Pre-Algebra Adventures

PBSPBS Kids Cyberchase can help you improve your pre-algebra skills at Find It! Pre-Algebra, pbskids.org/cyber
. Videos and games show the fun side of pre-algebra. In A Circumference Situation, watch colorful characters figure out how to unlock a gate to escape a creepy creature. Play Jigsaw Puzzle Size Up and beat the clock to fit the pieces. Are you a storm chaser? Watch Storm Tracking in Penguia, and help Inez and Fluff figure out the direction and speed of snow to learn how much time their friends have before they get snowed in.

Writing Practice

WritingHave you ever started reading a book and found it impossible to put down? The first paragraph of a story is critical to whether or not a reader decides to keep reading. Learn to write Trailblazing Introductions that capture your readers’ attention at the Beacon Learning Center, beaconlearningcenter.com/Web
. In the lesson’s sample introductory paragraphs, you’ll see how to identify methods writers use to keep your interest. Answer questions throughout to be sure you are on the right track. You can use these techniques in school assignments. Even your teacher wants to be interested in your work!

Speak Out

What famous person would you
most like to research? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I have to write a research paper on a historical figure for my semester project. How do I choose a topic, and where do I go for research? — Tammie H., Bolivar, Missouri

Dear Tammie: Because you get to choose the person you are writing about, you have an opportunity to research someone whose interests you share. For instance, if you enjoy learning about technology and inventions, you might study a famous entrepreneur who created some of the tech tools you use.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. They also both invented and applied for patents for many other creations.

If you like art, you might choose someone like Leonardo da Vinci, an artist who used his incredible talent to explore many areas. Besides painting the world-famous “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper,” he also had many ideas for things he wanted to build. You might find his sketches for flying machines and scuba gear fascinating, and similar to what we use today.

Ducksters – Biography for Kids, ducksters.com/biography, has a great list to help you get started.


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