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What types of organizations provide reliable information?
Government Institutions
Museums and Education Institutions
All of the above

For which site on Mars was the Curiosity Rover headed upon landing?
Gale Crater
Campbell Crater
Green Crater

When was Ranger Rick magazine first published?
January 1947
January 1967
January 1987

Student Research

Computer ResearchAre you aware that not all websites are reputable resources for research? Using the Web, eduplace.
, gives tips for finding reliable information for school projects. Begin with Searching for Websites, which has topics to research using guidelines on the Find the Right Site worksheet. In Evaluating Websites, learn how to determine whether information on a site is from a reputable source such as an educational institution or government organization, or an unreliable author. Then have some fun in Games, in the Kids’ Place, when you play GeoNet, Spelling Match and Web Word Find.

Play Sky Chase
Sky Chase

Explore Mars

MarsNASA created Mars for Kids, mars.jpl.nasa.gov/
, as a place to experience the red planet through games and hands-on activities. Take a Mars Adventure! and try to choose the items you’ll need for a successful mission. Make your own paper model Mars Pathfinder or Mars Global Surveyor, following the printable instructions. Do you ever wonder what Mars looks like up close? The Curiosity Rover provides a Billion-Pixel View of what scientists and astronauts see when they study the planet. Questions? Ask Dr. C., the computerized scientist who is your own personal Mars expert.

Celebrate Presidents Day

George WashingtonScholastic created Presidents Day: Everything You Need, scholastic.com/teachers/
, to help celebrate the birthday of the first U.S. president, George Washington. This wonderful collection of resources contains historical facts, games, videos, crafts and articles designed to answer many of your questions about our former presidents. Watch Two Great Presidents to gather facts about two of our greatest leaders. Play Presidents, Game 1: A History Mystery Activity, and use hints from Carlotta to see if you can solve the mystery using the fewest clues possible. Ready for a challenge? Try the Presidential Cyberhunt!

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about George Washington?

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Little-Known Facts About George Washington

George Washington is best known as the first president of the United States. However, there is much more about him that you may not know. For instance, do you know why no one will ever outrank Washington in the U.S. Army? In 1976, he was posthumously promoted to General of the Armies of the United States, the highest rank possible.

While Washington is known as a strong, fearless leader, you may not know that he suffered from terrible dental pain throughout his adult life. This is why you rarely see him smiling in pictures. The pain made it difficult for him to speak and required him to wear dentures, which were often ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

George Washington is known as a man of the highest moral character. Read the list of 110 Rules of Civility that he copied at school when he was around 16 years old. You will find this and other useful historical information about our first president at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, mountvernon.org/george-washington.


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