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In Mr. Al Geebrah & Fractions, where did they arrive after A Long Journey?
Stream of Squares
Factor Field
Mixed Number Mountain

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth?
-49.2 degrees Celsius
-69.2 degrees Celsius
-89.2 degrees Celsius

Which musical at the Neil Simon Theatre became a sensation in 1977?
Funny Face
Porgie and Bess

Math Is Fun

MathMr. R.’s World of Math and Science, mathstory.com, puts the fun back into math with a series of challenges, games and music videos designed to teach math concepts. Created by a math teacher, these activities are kid-tested and classroom-approved. Learn about Fractions and Place Value in Music Videos. Math Stories combine literacy and math to give you the practice you need to master tricky word problems. Check out The Evil Wizard of Math! for an exciting adventure. To advance to the next page, you must answer the math question correctly. Move on to Mr. Al Geebrah & Fractions for more practice.

Play Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee

The Coldest Continent

Weddell SealThe Australian Antarctic program, antarctica.gov.au/
, is committed to research on Earth’s coldest continent. In Wildlife, see how animals such as the Weddell seal adapt to the icy climate. Did you know that plant colonies can thrive on volcanic ground? Read about it in Plants. History contains tales of explorers who braved extreme conditions to search the unknown. Today, People in Antarctica are mainly scientists and those who support them, such as plumbers, mechanics, carpenters and electricians. Although they are there to work, learn how they find fun in their free time in Recreation.

Broadway Theaters

BroadwaySpotlight on Broadway, spotlightonbroadway.
, is an inside look at the 40 theaters that make up New York City’s famous Theater District. Did you know that the character Mickey Mouse was originally introduced at the Broadway Theatre in 1928? Visit Theaters to take a peek inside that celebrated venue and uncover its rich history. Watch clips from musicals performed there, such as “Cinderella.” In Broadway History, stroll through the Theater District from its beginnings. Did you know that the site where the Winter Garden Theater now stands used to be the Hopper Family Farm? From horses and buggies to the subway, witness its evolution in pictures.

Speak Out

What does Valentine’s
Day mean to you?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? — Blake Z., Boise, Idaho

Dear Blake: Valentine’s Day has its origins in the ancient pagan festival Lupercalia, which Pope Gelasius I changed to a Christian feast around 500 A.D. The holiday was to be celebrated on February 14, which was the date on which three early Christian saints named Valentine were thought to have been martyred.

Fast-forward to the 14th century, when the medieval English poet Chaucer is credited with linking St. Valentine’s Day to love. The holiday that we celebrate today retains several symbols from ancient times, from Cupid, the cherubic symbol for the Roman god of love, to roses and hearts. Many gift traditions such as flowers, cards, candy and jewelry began in France and England in the 18th century.

Did you know that valentine chocolates were introduced by the Cadbury chocolate company in the Victorian era? Today, more than $1.7 billion is spent on valentine candy each year, according to various sources.

To learn more, visit Valentine’s Day Facts, kidskonnect.com/holidays-seasons/valentines-day and Valentine’s Day History, infoplease.com/spot/


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